Sushi Night In America

SushiDrinksSoupAppetizers (Beef with hot plum sauce and cherry salt)EntreeSashimi
Fortress of Solitude Starter Seed (bottom of sushi bowl)DessertTea

Sushi Night In America, a set on Flickr.

Yes, I’m one of those people who takes photos of Really Great Meals.


Oh, I’ll tell you why: If I didn’t have my memories of Wonderful Meals Gone By, all I’d be having for lunch today would be a $1 frozen pizza with no toppings.

Behold, last night’s sushi. You won’t be thinking “Oh, God…not another foodporn post!” after looking at the photos.

2 thoughts on “Sushi Night In America

  1. Jay

    Andy I., international beloved technology pundit and man of mystery. That looks as nice as the sushi food porn post from Guy Kawasaki when he was in Norway. Nice.

  2. Mitchell Smith


    Sorry about the off-topic post, but how were you transmitting the video of the squirrels to your iPad on MBW? Some wireless camera?

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