Apple Event on March 2…and it’s definitely iPad.

This appeared in my Inbox a few minutes ago. These Apple Media Event invitations frustrate the hell out of me. Why must Apple be so vague about the subject?

(This is comedy.)

It looks like I’ll be there for the festivities. I might even bring my Motorola XOOM tablet, just to be a Contrarian.

I’m only expecting a few improvements for sure: a better speaker system, more application memory, and a camera. Everything else is on the “Hell if I know” list.

The rumors include:

  • A higher-res display. I seriously doubt it. It would make iPad 2 more expensive and it’d drain the hell out of the battery. Unless Apple can solve for X and Y, don’t count on it.
  • Built-in video-out and an SD card slot. Interesting ideas — it makes the iPad into a better travel computer, and sales of these accessories have been very solid — but Apple hates cutting holes in their devices. I suspect that they’ll be content to keep these features as external accessories. Mini DisplayPort would be a good plus on many different levels, though.
  • A Mini-USB port. No way in hell.

Overall, I’m expecting a “refresh” rather than a reboot of the iPad. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a price drop, either. Nothing dramatic…but even a $49 drop on the cheapest iPad would inflict an amount of pressure on both new, competing tablets and ebook readers that would be geometrically greater than the amount of effort Apple would need to spend to make it happen.

Well, in any event, we’ll know next week, won’t we?