Why Technology Makes Me Want To Throw Things, Sometimes

Me in a fez with the This Week In Tech logo.

How disappointing: Leo Laporte and the TWiT staff gave me clothes for Christmas. Oh, wait, I meant “how AWESOME!”

And that, dear readers, is what I’ve been trying to post to Twitter for the past half an hour. What an terrific thing to unbox. I’ve been wearing it all afternoon; suffice to say that the bar has been set very high for friends and family members who will be giving me gifts this year.

(Which is not to say that you shouldn’t try, o friends and family members.)

(Look, just forget I said anything. It was clearly inappropriate.)

(Adjusts fez)

Shall I review all of the different “post a Tweet with a photo attached” methods that I tried, and failed, before saying (shouting, really) “To hell with it. I’m just going to make it a damn blog post”?

  1. Osfoora for iPad. My usual Twitter iPad client. I used Dropbox to copy the photo from my MacBook (which I used to take the picture) to the Pictures library. I wrote the Tweet, attached the photo…and Osfoora couldn’t connect to the TwitPic-like service-thingy to upload the image.
  2. Twitter for iPad. I hate it, but it was the only alternative I had on my iPad. It looked as though it was attaching the image correctly, but it wasn’t, really.
  3. YFrog.com, via my MacBook’s browser. The uploader froze at 0%.
  4. Twitter.com, via my MacBook’s browser. Nope, even the completely revamped interface doesn’t support picture attachments.
  5. Nambu, MacOS desktop client. Thought I’d give it a try, as it’d been recommended to me once before. Binary is hosted on Amazon. Safari tells me that this 7.3 megabyte ZIP file will be completely downloaded in another 94 minutes.
  6. Twitterific for MacOS. I remembered I had a copy on my Mac. It’s out of date and refused to log in. I downloaded the new version, it logged in correctly, and then I remembered that Twitterific doesn’t let you attach photos.

Normally, I Tweet from my iPhone. It’s simple and it works great. And…

(Now I’m reminded why I hated Twitterific and stopped using it: by default, it takes over your screen every time something happens on Twitter. Or, to be fair, maybe that’s just how I set it up the last time I used it, many months ago. Either way: Goodbye, goodbye, GOODBYE.)

(Oh, and thanks for hiding yourself so well that I can only kill you by looking for your processes in Activity Monitor, Twitterific. That makes this ever more so much more special. “I just can’t quit you” was a good line from “Brokeback Mountain” but in an app, it’s really crap behavior.)

…And that’s what I would have used, if I’d had my iPhone handy.

I guess I was just naive: I thought that posting a Tweet with a photo attached was, in fact, goddamn close to being the simplest thing in the world.

Okay. Well, I’m still wearing an awesome-way-cool fez. Under the circumstances, I can’t possibly be unhappy.

34 thoughts on “Why Technology Makes Me Want To Throw Things, Sometimes

  1. Mike

    Glad to hear it’s not just my frustration, and that someone as tech savvy as you struggles to find a good twitter app.
    I want multi device syncing, can’t find a twitter app to do it right. And easy pic’s, and I’m happy.

  2. WTL

    Echofon for iPhone will let you post a photo to Flickr, and then bring the link into the tweet.

    I just feature-requested the same functionality in the desktop version.

  3. Tom

    Perhaps there is some Fez-DRM (built by Masons of course) included in the Twitter API? Like Photocopying money…

  4. Tony

    Twitter app on the iPad never fails for me. And tweet deck on android works fine, in fact as the Streak has a camera it tends to get used for all picture posts.
    I still cannot work out if the Fez revival is due to Dr Who or not. Also did The Moffat include it as a tribute to Tommy Cooper or not? Even he started using one by chance as someone stole his pith helmet.

  5. kirkaug

    Sounds like you would have been better off printing the picture 41,154 times, getting addresses from all 41,154 of your followers, and buying 41,154 stamps and envelopes (okay, so this part is probably counterproductive) and sending out the image. I do like the Fez though. :)

  6. kintech

    Great Fez, but I’m the plastic in the background has me wondering what else you’re up to. Reminds me of Dexter!

  7. @tma

    Oh, Andy, Andy, Andy.

    Twitter for the iPad isn’t a bad app.. it takes getting used to, though.

    As far as desktop Twitter clients go, I haven’t been able to move away from Tweetie. Yes, it’s dated. No, it doesn’t even actually support RTs… but damnit, it’s the best client out there. Attaching a photo is just a couple of clicks.

  8. Detronix

    If you think it’s bad getting a Fez, Imagine how John C feels about not getting a Macbook air. Still, I think you will get more use out of the Fez than an unbranded google OS “THING”

  9. Jeff Edsell

    First: That fez is, in the vernacular of your people, wicked awesome.

    Second, I use TweetDeck for posting photos and statuses (statii?), mostly because I can make a post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

  10. Jeff Edsell

    First: That fez is, in the vernacular of your people, wicked awesome.

    Second: I use TweetDeck for posting photos and statuses (statii?), mostly because I can make a post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

  11. Jeff Edsell

    Ah, and in the process of bragging about my social media prowess, I have accidentally double-posted my comment on your blog. How deliciously ironic.

  12. Nick Batos

    Andy- What the heck are you talking about regarding Twitterrific and its “I just can’t quit you” behavior? I’m using v3.2.4 on MacOS- when I “Command-Q”, or simply click on the “Quit Twitterrific” button on its GUI, the program quits. No hunting in Activity Manager, no voodoo, it just quits. I feel for you though with picture attachments…

    P.S. Like the Fez!

  13. David Brazeal

    Andy, I second the motion that you consider membership in The Order of the Fez. It is a secret society for those who are loathe to put any effort into joining a real secret society. The only requirement for membership is that you own a fez — a bar which you have handily cleared already.

    Other reasons to join:

    1. The guy who made your fez is a member (Fez #13).
    2. You would increase the group’s already-inexplicably high population of ukulele-playing members.
    3. Your petition for membership, although not required, would almost certainly be a literary and creative masterpiece.

    Plus, we’re just a bunch of normal guys with fezzes who would love to have a quasi-celebrity to join our ranks.

    Very sincerely yours,

    David, Fez #4)

  14. Bill Heald

    This picture is awesome, A. I showed it to my wife, and she said, “You want water, I shall bring you water.”

    So you’ve managed to capture Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Bet you didn’t see that in the box, when you opened it.

    I am already missing you-


  15. Howlin' Hobbit

    Jason the Fezmonger at fez-o-rama.com is da very bomb. I have 3 of his fezzes, though not a TWiT fez.

    And I must second brother #38’s invitation to join the Order Of The Fez. I’m #8 and would love to see you added to our honored roll.

    (Plus our mighty founder is a dyed-in-the-wool MacHead.)

  16. JasonWD

    Andy you ROCK the Fez look.
    I think you should make a non-tech pilgrimage to Morocco in order to have a bespoke non branded one crafted for you.
    With the signature sideburns your eccentric image would be complete.

  17. Zap Andersson

    Okay, now I’m curious:

    a) Why didn’t you just email the picture to Twitpic?


    b) You dont’ like the “Twitter for iPad” application? REALLY?

    This is the only actually usable iPad app, IMHO. It hints at a style of multitasking (side-sliding panels) which is how the OPERATING SYSTEM should have implemented multitasking in the first place. It allows me to read tweets while “some link” loads in the right pane (in an ideal world, I would be able to queue up multiple links, but one is better than modally having to go to one at a time), etc. etc.

    I don’t get what you don’t like about it!!!

  18. Lun Esex

    You people are close, but no cigar. The stylus Andy has in his mouth in that photo comes from the:

    Newton MessagePad 110 Charging Station

    (It worked with the MP 120 and MP 130, too, but I’m not sure they ever changed the name, or even kept it in production once the MP 120 came out. I got mine with my “developer edition” clear-cased MP 110 :)

    It was kind of like an iPad Dock. If the charging contacts weren’t kind of flakey. And the batteries it came with weren’t NiCds. And it also included a serial or network connection. At least it held the MessagePad at a nice angle on the desk. (As long as you could position it right to avoid glare off the screen from overhead lights.) With an MP 1×0 sitting in it it actually make a decent stand for an MP 2×00 sitting on top. :) And that stylus WAS really nice. I’m not surprised Andy still has one around.

    The stylus that came with the eMate 300 was shorter and green, with a bulb on the end that would make your mouth contort a bit if you tried to hold it between your lips.

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