Reminder: I’ll be speaking in Chicago Wednesday night

…And of course, the main topic will be all of the news Apple saw fit to cram into their big media event earlier that day. This meeting of the Chicago Apple User Group is open to everybody so do come on by. 7 PM at 25 West Hubbard.

Details are on the group’s website.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: I’ll be speaking in Chicago Wednesday night

  1. Todd S Jones

    I must’ve been sleeping, I thought it was next week!

    My sons birthday was last Thursday and all he wanted was an iPod Touch. I asked if he could wait a couple of weeks for the new one, but nooooo! Is it bad that I can’t wait to see the look on his face?

  2. Jeff Edsell

    Wish I could come…you’re finally in Chicago, but it’s the night of my son’s first school open house. Hope you come back soon, and I can catch you then.

  3. Guillermo Duran

    Hey Andy is it me or did Steve said that the iPad will get HDR? Is that a slip that the next iPad will have cameras?

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