Heigh-ho the derry-o, the TARDIS on the Dome


It’s easy for Boston-area geeks to get a little bit blasé about the sudden appearances of improbable objects atop the Great and Not-So-Great domes atop Building 10 and Building 7 in the center of the MIT campus. If it’s your first time at the ballpark, a spinning no-look over-the-shoulder catch that robs the visiting team of two guaranteed RBIs is a heartstopping thrill. Meanwhile, the experienced season ticketholders are nattering to each other that  if the centerfielder had been paying attention to the shortstop, he wouldn’t have been playing so wildly out of position in the first place. Same deal here.

Tonight I attended a dinner salon of local geeks. Of course, conversation turned to the subject of today’s TARDIS appearance. Inevitably, we compared it to previous dome hacks.

“The phone booth was better,” someone said. “It was a working phone booth.”

“How do you know that isn’t a working TARDIS?” someone else asked, rather pointedly.

And all around the table, there was agreement that any final judgement would need to be postponed.

19 thoughts on “Heigh-ho the derry-o, the TARDIS on the Dome

  1. Andreas

    Come now, we Yanks aren’t that barbaric as to not know Dr Who. When my brother was in college in the mid 80’s I would visit him over the summers. I became quite familiar with the Tom Baker Doctor through public television, and I have the scarf in my closet to prove it.

  2. Rob McMinn

    How like a conversation from Big Bang Theory!

    “The phone booth was better,” [Wolowitz] said. “It was a working phone booth.”

    “How do you know that isn’t a working TARDIS?” [Sheldon]

  3. Kevin

    The local PBS station in Denver ran an entire story (4 or 6 episodes back-to-back) in the 80’s. I watched Baker become Davison! Ah, memories!

  4. G Lloyd

    Dale – how do you know it’s the 11th doctor? See what I did there? :)

    My wife and I became infatuated with Doctor Who a year ago, and now it’s practically all we talk about. Seeing anything this cool, especially stateside, gives us palpitations.

  5. LaLaLaw

    Just to be on the safe side Andy, If you start hearing the word “Exterminate” repeated over and over again… RUN!

  6. Sarah

    I’ve watched Dr. Who since I was a kid, on PBS. Way back before Tom Baker. I too have a scarf via Tom Baker era, also a bank shaped like the Tardis w/Tom Baker peering out the door & an insulated mug w/Tom Baker. I grew up in L.A., CA & as long as I can remember, they always had Dr, Who on KCET PBS. & ewww, I’d never call myself a Yank, it’s a dirty word, not just to southerners, but in Algonquian too.

  7. Dave Scott

    Should also check out:

    The Adventures of Sarah Jane

    My five & eleven years luv it – not to mention me as well.

    No idea who Sarah Jane is ?

    Then you fail Who 101 :-)

  8. Nik

    For this post, did you spell “judgment” (the American way) as “judgement” (the British way) on purpose?

    [One of the Terminator movies spelled it incorrectly (well, the British way) when it out, but now spells it correctly (the American way — it being an American movie).]

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