Apple Event on September 1 – The theme is “Oh, God-dammit!”

Artwork from Apple invitation. Acoustic guitar with an Apple logo-shaped soundhole.

The artwork from next week's Apple event invitation.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to check your email!

Not 24 hours after I was on MacBreak saying “If Apple were to hold a special event to show off the holiday-season iPods and stuff, we wouldn’t get more than a week’s notice”…I got an invite to an Apple event being held in San Francisco a week from today. Behold the artwork, which surely will be scrutinized as carefully as Obama’s birth certificate, and with the same sort of wild-arsed conclusions.


My week just got more interesting.

I’m scheduled to talk at the Chicago Apple User Group that night. San Francisco to Chicago in one afternoon is a bit of a bumpy commute and it’s probably a bit much to ask all of its members to just sort of fly out to California and hold the meeting at a food court near the event site.

And I don’t even have the freedom to think up a Cunning Plan…the Kindle 3 arrived this morning and I’m crunching to finish a review that can run in the Sun-Times tomorrow.

You know, what’s the harm in just asking the user group to fly out to San Francisco? It’s a lovely city. I’m sure they’d really enjoy it. Maybe I’m just worrying over nothing, here…

39 thoughts on “Apple Event on September 1 – The theme is “Oh, God-dammit!”

  1. Jim Schmidt

    I would be more than happy to fill in for you at the Apple event, seeing as how you were already booked for the Chicago event first…

  2. Miche Doherty

    Go to Chicago. Have fun. They’ll love you even more for being there. And loads of people will live-blog the Apple event, and you’ll watch the Quicktime stream a few hours later and write something considered and insightful the next day…

    [And you won’t be missing the long-rumoured Beatles appearance. McCartney’s left-handed – that guitar would be the other way up. ;-) ]

  3. Jeff Edsell

    Hm. Baseless speculation mode on: The guitar artwork suggests a music-centric event, of course. But that would seem to put the kibosh on most of the announcements most people expect, like iOS 4.0 for iPad (probably not worth a special announcement anyway), iTV (involves music, but is really video-centric), or the 7″ iPad (I know you feel this one is naught but fairy dust, Andy, but I personally have a hole in my life a 7″ iPad would fit into perfectly).

    So then what? iTunes in the cloud? There was quite a bit of speculation about that before iOS 4 rolled out and the iTV rumor mill started cranking. I’ve been praying for Apple to overhaul iTunes for a while now (and if they want to keep me as an iPhone customer, they’ll need to). It seems the Lala acquisition was largely intended to apply their streaming expertise to some upcoming video offerings, but the Lala service is shuttered now, and I don’t think it would be too great a stretch to resurrect it as the New iTunes.

    Whattaya think? Am I in the ballpark, or do I need a lie-down with a cold cloth for my forehead?

  4. Bill Heald

    If Apple does indeed bring forth new Podage, then the thing to do is grab one at the press touch and feel session and run like your favorite race show to SFO, where you already “have a plane waiting.” Your escape to Chicago is bloody perfect, and your group will be the first to interact w/ the new device. You’ll never have to buy dinner and/or drinks in Chicago ever again. No one will know about your whereabouts except trusted friends, most of who are as yet unmet. Shoot Andy, you’re getting so good at cunning plans you didn’t even know you came up with this one!

  5. joecab

    Is Apple now usually scheduling these events to time with the ending of their back-to-school promos? If so, don’t be caught with your pants down next year.

    Actually, keeping your pants on is probably a good idea for everyone.

  6. Jody

    Hey, Maybe you can sell your invitation to Gizmodo. Expect they did not get an invite. Otherwise they will have to hit up all the bars looking for a lost invite someone left.

  7. john

    hoping to see nary a mention of the iPad in the Kindle review. It’s a whole different animal aimed at a different market and wow is it easier to read. Kindle is to iPad as a feature phone is to a smart phone. They serve different markets, at much different price points and the only points of comparison should be readability and price.

  8. Shawn Levasseur

    During his time off from Apple, Steve learned to play guitar, and now with a clean bill of health and some rehearsal time, he’s announcing his world tour and new album (of which the album art is shown on the invite).

    What… Silly? No worse than any of the other speculation that’ll be going on.

  9. Brian

    It’s really simple. Guitar = Wires = Wired iPhone. Finally, an iPhone I can plug in and use as a home phone!

  10. Graham Ballantyne

    @Joost: the sole reason the back to school exists is to clear out inventory and make room for the new models. It’s always been this way.

  11. Zac Thompson

    Of course it’s the annual iPod bump. It’s been consistent for years now. Capacity boost + Retina displays on all models + possible shuffle tweak. I doubt it’s worth attending in person. But you never know, I guess.

    Release history from :
    iPod classic 9/2009 9/2008 9/2007 9/2006
    iPod touch 9/2009 9/2008
    iPod nano 9/2009 9/2008 9/2007 9/2006
    iPod Shuffle 9/2009 3/2009 9/2008 2/2008 9/2007 1/2007 9/2006

  12. Graeme Hindmarsh

    Has anyone else noticed that (from whom Apple licensed the name for its music creation software) closed its doors for business just over a month ago. Wonder who owns the domain now? The invitation certainly looks like it could have something to do with a GarageBand style product. Hmmm ….

  13. CC

    Sure, its a Music Event, but “iTV” could be the One More Thng.

    LA vs. Chicago … hmmm … I’d lean toward the former. Chicagoans that I know are very nice and would probably understand if you rescheduled. Or maybe used Go To Meeting? Facetime? Borrowed Leo’s studio and called them?

    Good luck eitherway. Go Sox!

  14. Rick C


    The Chicago group will understand, by definition they are used to being abused by Apple and if they would be willing to bump the meeting a few days you could bring Apple swag to throw to the crowd. The bottom line is that Leo would be flying you to CA. I am sure first class, and reaching into Leo’s pocket for plane fare has got to be a good thing. Right?

  15. Shawn Levasseur

    Leo, paying for airfare? I doubt it. New cameras, bandwidth, sure, but not transportation. I don’t see what the twit network would get out of it. There’s enough of the Twit family that will likely be at the event that it wouldn’t be necessary.

    I strongly suspect it’ll be an expense that Andy will be able to deduct on his taxes, being a general expense for his ability to write informed columns for the Sun-Times, and for his books on iOS devices.

    Which is probably part in parcel of his decision process in all this…

    … Hmm. This doesn’t quite feel right speculating on what’s going on in Andy’s mind and wallet on the man’s own blog.

    Apologies, if this makes you uncomfortable, Andy.

  16. Nathan

    Technical nit/note: when I show comments for this, the google map (for the previous blog entry) overlaps them. But only when I first scroll down (if scroll down to see the map in its proper place, then scroll up the map image isn’t on top of the comments anymore). I see this on my iPad and iPhone. It only happens when my view is zoomed (I almost always double-tap the paragraph to zoom to the text-body width)

    [btw, thanks for allowing me to select full/mobile versions on my iPhone, and presenting full for iPad]

  17. Jeff

    Leo did say he would pick up the Air fare during MacBreak this week. But probably not for the Black Bird so the return trip would be near impossible to make on time..

  18. karl

    If you were scheduled for my user group meeting, I’d say, “Take Leo up on the paid airfare and go to the Apple event. We’ll watch your (almost) live report on Meet us here next time”. But that’s just my personal feeling on it.

    Oh, and next time you’re going to head up to Nashua, tweet or “cwob” it earlier so I can be there. I’m not a regular at the local user group meetings and was disappointed to find out after the fact that you’d been here.

  19. Ron

    Perform a Fold-in on the invite (a la Mad Magazine) and the guitar turns into a TV from the side, albeit not flat-screen. The Yerba Buena Center’s glass framework even shows you where to fold. No wonder Apple did not provide a slogan for the event this time. Haha

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  21. Joe Ferguson

    The Apple even will be live video on the Apple Web site. Perhaps because they are revving up the massive servers in NC?

  22. Joe Ferguson

    The Apple event will be live video on the Apple Web site. Perhaps because they are revving up the massive servers in NC?

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