Come see me in Chicago on September 1!

Shrewd self-promoter that I am, I often forget to tell people where I’m going until I’ve already been there.

Well! Not this time! I’m coming to Chicago next week to speak at the Chicago Apple User Group on Wednesday, September 1. The event is open to the public and kicks off at 7 PM, at the group’s usual meeting space (25 West Hubbard, on the second floor).

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I haven’t seen the space yet but I’m hoping there’s a wall of chicken wire between the stage and the rest of the room. Nothing seems to unite an audience and increase the energy level of the room than the knowledge that beer bottles can be thrown without any risk of an assault charge.

More information is up on the group’s site.

What will I be talking about? Chiefly, I’m going to be presenting the iPad with its six-month report card, and talking about Apple’s new iOS/MacOS universe. But I’m hoping that I’ll save time at the end for Q&A about any topic folks are keen to discuss.

I’m hoping to do some sort of Tweetup afterward. As you can tell by the map, there’s no shortage of nearby spots where a small group of people could drink and kibitz. Alas, I still need to solve for two variables, in the form of Local Friends Whom I Want To See, but Who Haven’t Yet Gotten Back To Me Regarding The Days And Times That Will Work For Them. So stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Come see me in Chicago on September 1!

  1. Tony Silva

    I was hoping this would stay under the radar for the masses, making for a nice small friendly crowd. Fat chance now. There’d better be chicken wire.


  2. Grover Smittle

    Sorry-Chicken wire or no, I’ll be on the other side of Missouri that day. Were I in St. Louis as usual, I’d drive up for the beer, pizza, and Mac Talk.

  3. Chad

    Dag Nabbit!

    The one time that you tell us that you are going to be here in Chicago, I will be in Masschusettes getting married.

    Bah and Fie!

    Good luck in our lovely city.

  4. David Jenkins

    Love to watch you if you are videoing it as the trip from the Uk may be a bit much! Oh for that lottery win!!

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