Free (good) movie! “Jedi Junkies”

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Watch it while you can: DailyMotion has a 72-minute documentary about Star Wars fandom available for streaming until the 27th. I think that means if you’re watching it at 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday and the segment about the woman who belly dances in a Slave Leia costume is just starting…you’re really going to wish you’d started the movie about five or ten minutes earlier in the evening.

I’ve seen it all the way through. It’s a spiffy flick. It’s very much in the same vein as “Trekkies” — another terrific doc about fandom. “Trekkies” is a better movie; it’s not quite so loving about its subject, and it’s not as “inside.” But if I’d paid to rent “Jedi Junkies” on iTunes, I’d feel as though I’d gotten my $5 worth. Which is awesome, because it’s available for rent for just $2.99.

Those of you who aren’t in that kind of tax bracket are urged to watch the movie on DailyMotion while it’s still up there. The viewing link isĀ on the movie’s official site.

2 thoughts on “Free (good) movie! “Jedi Junkies”

  1. Jerry


    Thanks for the great review and letting folks know about the film – we’re very much an indie/grassroots effort and are very excited to have had almost 35,000 people watch the film so far with no advertising, thanks to the help of folks like you.

    Glad you loved it!

    Producer, “Jedi Junkies”

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