Knock-Knock Joke


Who’s there?

Indecisive squirrel!

Indecisive squirrel who?

…And that’s the end of the joke. Because the indecisive squirrel spent so much time in the middle of the road trying to decide whether to dart left or right that the car ran right over him. He’s dead and the punchline died with him.

Actually, my car passed safely around the squrrel. I think it would be overly-charitable to say that he shrewdly realized that the center of the lane is in many ways safer than either side of the road.

Stupid squirrels. I’m so much better than they are!


3 thoughts on “Knock-Knock Joke

  1. Rocket J

    The average squirrel is hardwired to juke randomly, finally dodging a committed incoming avian predator at the last minute. The problem is that the car doesn’t play by the laws and physical limitations of aerodynamics. The dodge moves them off center from car trajectory and right into the wheel path. They avoid the imaginary car talons, only to be picked off by the rubber meeting the road. Andy’s squirrel represents either an evolutionarily advanced X-squirrel, or a genetically inadequate squirrel in desperate need of a hawk to engage its true destiny. Moral of the story: Stay off of Andy’s path and live to see another day!

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