Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • I'll be damned…the iPad works with USB microphones! #
  • Dammit. Posterous screwed up the upload. And this was supposed to be the EASY way for me to post my iPad audio demo! #
  • New on Yes, the iPad Camera Kit works with other USB devices! The (now working) audio proof: #
  • Recording MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live: #
  • I now have a tracking number for the iPad 3G I ordered in March. Very keen on testing the GPS. Follow-up review in the Sun-Times next week. #
  • Yesterday's AM appearance with @jbruin on NBC in San Diego, talking about Le Scandale: #
  • 45-minute interview with @danbenjamin, talking about Stuff In General. Thanks for the invite, Dan! #
  • As Brother Cadfael used to say, "I may have come late to the Order, but when I was called, I came…" #
  • In case you missed it: Jobs lays out Apple's pos. on Flash. "Mwah-ha-HA!" notably absent from discussion ยป #
  • iPad 3G in the house! Also, a tip for my Targus travel charger that works with my MiFi. But even this is edged out by the iPad. #
  • Setting up my new iPad 3G. First answer: yes, "Find My iPad" is a feature of MobileMe. #

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