Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • Even ten years dead, Charles Schulz remains the gold standard of comic strip creators. ยป #
  • A Geek's Sign of Spring: I plug my phone into the car dock & notice the cable is soft & flexible instead of cold and stiff. #
  • A Geek's Sign of Spring, #2 I remember that's it's time to buy the new season's edition of MLB At Bat for my iPhone. #
  • Okay, now I hate MLB At Bat 2010: it's just told me that Houston has scored a run against the Sox in their first at-bats. #
  • "Mr. Speaker, nowhere does this health-care bill mention deep-sea fishing rights…" #
  • Hey, the Speaker is gaveling with the skinny end of the hammer. Did he just UN-pass the healthcare bill? #
  • The healthcare bill has already improved the lives of Americans: it's knocked Justin Bieber off of the "Trending Topics" list. #
  • One fewer of them, one more of *us*: I'm about to take one of my Worthy and Deserving Aunts to the Apple Store to buy a MacBook. #
  • Watching "Colbert Report" and cringing. Interviewee doesn't know that trying to be as funny as Colbert never, EVER works. #
  • Getting set up for MacBreak Weekly. Watch live at #
  • Man alive, is it ever raining. It's like the final act of "Unforgiven" out here. #
  • Is anyone using AOL dialup in Snow Leopard? AOL says its app works, but a forum message on Apple Support says no. #
  • I'm actually disappointed that I won't get to configure a PPP connection manually…second only to SLIP servers as a source of nostalgia. #
  • (Another Apple support forum message suggests that AOL dialup will work under 10.6 using a previous beta of the AOL app) #
  • Zaftigs appetizer: vegetarian chili. #
  • Zaftigs main course: Cobb salad. #
  • This street performer was prob. unaware this is the week the city is filled with delegates from the Guild of Apathetic Idlers. #
  • Now on Suntimes: my 6 Rules for safely using a smartphone in your car. #7 Don't use it as a makeup mirror. #
  • (Tip #8 don't read this column until after you've pulled into the driveway.) #
  • Seeing "Up" for the first time. God-damnit, Pixar…you've made me cry three times before 6 AM. That ain't fair. #
  • Got to the ending of "Up." So that's FOUR times. Go to hell, Pixar. :) #
  • I'm going to be on Clayton Morris' "Gadgets and Games" show at 3 PM Eastern. Watch live: #
  • This train has the coolest conductor. He looks like the sort of undercover assassin M warns 007 about during a mission briefing. #
  • Watching a bit of "The Hustler." I think a smart man would rather be as cool as Jackie Gleason than as handsome as Paul Newman. #
  • My appearance on @ClaytonMorris' "Gadgets and Games" show yesterday is now online! #
  • Am currently one block from #PAX and closing fast. Finally! #
  • At #PAX Reminding myself that at a geek con, most people dressed as Jay or Silent Bob aren't cosplaying. #
  • What was going to be 2 or 3 hours at #pax turned into an hour or two of lunch with Scott Kurtz & pals. An excellent upgrade. #
  • Thought from #PAX I bet I could win a sword duel to the death, if my foe were armed with a 5'x1' slab of foam on a broom handle. #
  • Have belatedly realized that from the waist up, I was accidentally cosplaying Indiana Jones (fedora, jacket, shirt, satchel). #
  • Good, I can sneak back in to #PAX on Sunday afternoon. Hoping to bump into @majornelson and chat about Natal. #

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  1. Marc Rochkind

    [Do not publish.]


    If you want to meet for breakfast on Monday (Dot’s? Turley’s), I’ll let you play with the iPad that I’m supposed to get on Sat. Or, maybe you’ll have your own by then?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing you at the CWA, as usual…


  2. Eric

    Andy, you are awesome. The fact that you kept your iPad SO secret on Macbreak while alluding to the fact that you had one multiple times with all your UP posts cracks me up. How could we have all missed that!? Keep up the good work, man.

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