Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • If there's some job you don't want to do today, tell them "I did it. But you can't tell, 'cuz the hour I did it in disappeared." #
  • New on The Ambitious Dilettante’s Guide To WordPress Site Design » #
  • A tip for Australians: Americans are willing to buy a US iPad and mail it to you in exchange for beer. » #
  • New podcast ep up: talking with @ScottBourne about our iPad purchases. #
  • Setting up for MacBreak Weekly. Watch and listen live at #
  • MacBreak going into extra innings…normally we'd have been done a half an hour ago. We're having extra fun today. :) #
  • We're paying much tribute to Jerry Lewis…today's his BIRRRRTHH-DAYYYYYYflavin!!!!!!!!!! #
  • MacBreak show is OVER, at 2 hours, 13 minutes! I speculate that there's a _certain_ amount of brilliance that can be safely excised. #
  • And so, Lord Andy proclaimed "Let the front door be thrown wide, and the screen installed in the storm door thereupon!" #
  • Now I know why I don't publsh many intrviews. The voices in my head are MUCH easier to transcribe than the voices on a recorder. #
  • Simple but handy Mac player/word processor for transcribing interviews: #
  • I'm an idiot; of _course_ Scrivener also has a built-in transcription feature. It's the word processor that tries hard to be USEFUL! #
  • "Damn! JD Salinger died before he told anyone what he thought of 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'!" Not so fast… #
  • Whew! 7500 words of transcribed & edited DC and Marvel Comics interviews are now in the hands of my poor, suffering editor. #
  • I know that tonight's "Office" was shot on greenscreen because the camera is trying too hard to prove it isn't on greenscreen. #
  • My big piece on the future of digital comic books, inc./Marvel & DC interviews, is now on » #
  • Grr. Making a minor tweak to comix column: realize it sounds like I'm saying "DC isn't even putting together a strategy," which isn't true. #
  • You know, I was a proud, confident man before I spent the evening trying to install alpha apps on simulated hardware… #
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers. Here's his gift to us, something we all should hear from time to time: #
  • Black shoes, pants, belt, golf shirt, sweater. Oh, dear. Once again I've left the house dressed as "Father Andy." #
  • Details aren't locked…but it _looks_ like I've got things worked out for a Boulder, CO Tweetup during the first week in April. #
  • Restaurant Week: appetizer. #
  • Restaurant Week, entree: Polenta. #
  • Restaurant Week -Dessert: olive oil cake dressed with yogurt. #
  • Dinner was at Lineage in Coolidge Corner. It's Restaurant Week in Boston: many luxe joints w/discount menus #

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