My Macworld Speaking Schedule

I’ll be onstage at several points this week:

Thursday 2:30-3 PM, Main Stage

The Year Of No Media – I spent 2009 with the goal of acquiring no physical media of any kind. No CDs, no DVDs, no books, no magazines, no newspapers, no comics, no nothin’. It turned out to be a comprehensive report card on the transition from physical to digital media. What kinds of physical media can you do without? And which forms of information and entertainment have been completely passed by?

Friday 12:45-1:15 PM, Main Stage

He Wants To Kill Your Newspaper: An Interview With Webcomics Magnate Scott Kurtz – I’ll be onstage interviewing the avuncular creator of the popular webcomic PVP. It’s pretty well-timed, given the iPad announcement. We’ll talk about the strip, how self-publishing has changed the career path of budding comic strip creators, and how mobile devices are influencing the field.

Friday 2:30-3, Booth 1765

iPhone Fully Loaded – I’ll be in Wiley Publishing’s booth (next to the Macworld Music Studio) talking up the latest edition of my iPhone book and probably giving out all of the best information from the thing.

Saturday 1-2, Room 134

That iPad Thingamawhatsit – I’ll be talking about the iPad, alongside Jason Snell (Czar Pluropentate of Macworld Magazine), Ryan Block, Ted Landau, and Dan Moren.

By all means, do stop by and give a listen if so inclined.

7 thoughts on “My Macworld Speaking Schedule

  1. Wendy

    I’d love to hear the report on your year of no media, but I’ve got to give it a miss. Something about shovelling out here in Minnesota…. Have you written that up anywhere?

  2. Timbo

    Is there any chance that we eurotrash old-worlders will eventually enjoy a podcast of the pvp online interview? I would love to hear that…

  3. Patrick

    @ctopher: I had the same pluropentate reaction. Here’s my analysis:
    “pluropentate” was meant to be either (definitions from
    “potentate” (a monarch or ruler, esp. an autocratic one); or
    “pluripotent” (capable of giving rise to several different cell types).

    Given the context (next to “Czar” and referring to someone in a position of power in publishing (to the extent anyone in publishing has any power), I’m leaning strongly towards “potentate”.

    On the other hand, maybe Andy is smarter than us and smarter than Dictionary, and knows words we don’t. Or maybe he’s been given authority to just make up words. Who would give him that authority? Why, the Czar Pluropentate of Words, of course.

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