Now testing a DIFFERENT WordPress Twitter plugin.

Okay, I can’t get the first Twitter plugin working. So I’ve moved on to a different one: Twitter Tools. Let’s see how well this one works.

Oh, and based on a quick reaction to that previous post: as much as I’d love to spread the rumor that I already have an iPad…no, the thing I Probably Can’t Talk About wot I used with which to make that last post wasn’t an iPad.

To make it up to you, here are a couple more distracting photos:



12 thoughts on “Now testing a DIFFERENT WordPress Twitter plugin.

  1. AllanF

    Looks great. It would be nice though if Apple will ship the iPad a few weeks early though. We can all dream about that.

  2. Alan

    I’ve used Twitter Tools for months, and it’s solid, but I hate how it puts “New Post:” (or whatever you change it to) at the start of your tweet–you have to have something there. I’ve asked the author of the plugin to give us the choice to not have it, but he’s ignored me or is too busy to respond.

  3. Johnny Canuck

    I really didn’t enjoy using Twitter Tools, I found the integration was very shaky and often my posts were sent to Twitter without links. With a short URL like yours, you would be better off using and rolling your own Short URL service too. This is how we did it:

    We also used a WP plugin by @laurentlasalle called Twidger to post a Twitter search query to our site. This was better than twitter tools because we could include @replies and present reactions to our tweets online as well. A quick plugin search should pull it right

  4. Freeman O'Shea


    Just noticed the failed Steve prototype lurking behind Jobb’s left shoulder.

    I thought they kept those things in a basement somewhere.



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