Apple Tablet Event hits “Doonesbury”


Oh, good heavens. It looks as though Garry Trudeau is doing a whole week’s worth of strips about the Apple Tablet event this week in San Francisco.

To clarify: one of the most popular strips in the world is doing an entire week’s worth of comic strips about an event in which a rumored (rumored) consumer product might (might) be shown off for the first time.

I think we now need to create a new word for “hype” that only refers to the sort of buzz that an Apple product can generate. At this stage, the only way for the Apple tablet to get more press would be if it got into a car crash after its wife beat it with a golf club.

Incidentally, that thump…thump…thump you’re hearing is the sound of Microsoft’s CEO pounding his head against his desk over and over again. You did a heckofajob with that CES keynote, Ballmie…

14 thoughts on “Apple Tablet Event hits “Doonesbury”

  1. Stephen M

    Perhaps Doonesbury will be shown during the keynote on the mythical device. Perhaps maybe he has already made a special one for the keynote. Perhaps, perhaps…..

  2. Gerald

    Hype comes from the top down, buzz from the bottom up. The hype so far has been 1 controlled leak to the WSJ and one batch of e-mail invitations. Everything else you heard or read was pure, natural buzz.

    The hype machine starts Wednesday. Then the hype will combine with and increase the buzz to create a frenzy – a mish-mash of customer buzz and compan hype so convoluted you can’t tell what info and energy comes from which.

  3. Tom Simpson

    I’ve been and Apple user and fan from day one (and I’m talking about the ’70’s, helped set up first Apple User Group in Toronto area) but the last few years, this unadulterated media hype/buzz/blechhh has just become nauseating. I still like Apple products, am getting to loath Apple and it’s ‘disciples’

  4. Steve Young


    All I have to say is that you are my favorite journalist :)

    Keep up the great work. We need your books on the Kindle if you could arrange it.

    Looking forward to your live blog of the event. I think that the only thing can be disappointment no matter how good the “item” is. Too much hype. The average user is going to think, “what is all the fuss about?”


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