I Hereby Put Apple On Notice

Okay. So I closed my eyes, put my hand on my heart, commended my soul to God, and booked a flight to San Francisco in three weeks.

“Oh, dear,” was my frontmost thought after my credit card had been charged.

I’m not used to gambling like this. Apple hasn’t announced any sort of event for the last week in January. If there’s an event, there’s no assurance that I’ll be invited to it. If I’m invited to it, there’s no assurance that it’ll be the world’s first look at an Apple tablet device. If it’s a Tablet announcement, there’s no assurance that I’ll get a private briefing and a little one-on-one fondling time with the thing. And that’s what would put this trip squarely in the “It’s my job to attend this event” category.

If none of this happens? I can certainly get some work done in the city. And it’d be nice to record a MacBreak live in the massive steel-and-glass TWiT Towers Studio And Resort Complex. I’m still surprised that Leo convinced the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors to tear down the Transamerica Pyramid and its adjoining block to make way, but hey, more power to him.

Time was ticking. We’re nearing the crucial day when the burden of desperation shifts and airlines stop sweating about selling all of these unsold seats and begin salivating over how much they can stick it to a business traveler who clearly will pay almost anything to be somewhere in four days.

I think I timed it almost just right. $239 (including taxes and fees) is certainly the lowest airfare I’ve ever found from Boston to San Francisco. They’re nonstops, they’re on the carrier that has almost all of my miles, and the plane was so underbooked that I got aisle and window seats without any trouble.

Still, it was an expensive morning. I also booked my flights for the Conference On World Affairs in April.

My annual Denver travel is always a Big Lose. Traditionally I arrive in Boulder with barely enough time to change clothes and make it to a mandatory reception, and my flight home on Saturday requires me to be on my way to the airport at an hour of the morning normally associated with the full half-hour extended director’s cut of the Magic Bullet infomercial.

I got off a little light this time: nonstops in both directions and an early-ish arrival on Sunday. I’m on the redeye flying home, but that comes with a payoff. The Boston Comic-Con is that weekend, and landing in Boston at 11 AM allows me to catch a few hours of the show and then get dinner with an artist friend who’s coming into town.

It’s a little scary to witness how easy it is to spend money these days. Just last night I was tempted to just go to Chipotle and grab a burrito for dinner. Simple math kept me home with a can of Chicken With Dumplings soup. Yes, $1.65 is a lower number than $6.70. I ended the day up $5.05 and feeling slightly proud of myself.

But after 45 minutes with this blasted computer I’m down more than a hundred times that!

Why stop there? I could buy a couple of TVs! An X-Box! Once I’ve maxed out my credit card, I can hit my bank’s site, move more money around, and keep spending until I haven’t a penny left! Hey, doesn’t eBay sell cars?


Boy, am I glad that my reckless spending is generally limited to an occasional book or DVD. Being a compulsive spender these days is as big a problem as being a compulsive gambler who lives next to a casino. Complete financial ruin is available to you at any hour of the day or night.

So my flight to San Francisco has been confirmed. The money’s gone. The ball is now in Apple’s court.

If they don’t hold an event in San Francisco during the last week of January on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, well, I gambled and lost. Fair enough.

If they hold an event and it has nothing to do with the tablet (“The iPod Shuffle: Now Two Grams Lighter”) I will be Miffed.

If they hold an event and it’s about the Tablet and it takes place on Monday or Friday…

…Well, I’ll probably have to take the Steve Jobsbruin and Steve Wozbearnak that I made at “Build-A-Bear Workshop” off of my dresser, that’s what. Let that weigh on your heads, Apple.

In any event. I will very likely have plenty of free time during my visit (Jan. 26-27-28) and a San Francisco Tweetup will almost definitely happen. Venue suggestions are welcome.

20 thoughts on “I Hereby Put Apple On Notice

  1. dndgirl

    Now that I’ve read the entire post, I look forward to any and all opportunities to see you. Will even buy you dinner or lunch, your choice!


    A Big Fan

  2. CouchGuy

    I hear you, Andy! I can’t make the trop, but I took the day off Jan 26 & 27, just in case. I was in attendance at the Boston 1997 Jobs keynote where Steve began turning the company around. Now, I look forward to sitting in front of two big screen Macs, following each Apple event in real time via multiple live blogs & Twitter. Why is “being there” one way or another in real time so important? I don’t know, but it is. I’m a Machead. That’s just what we do.

  3. Johnathon Shell

    CouchGuy, same here. I have never been ( to be honest, I don’t even own a mac! I do have an iPhone though) I would love to witness a Job’s keynote live. I have watched every keynote since the iphone was originally introduced and now I couldn’t imagine not dialing up macrumors.com the day of the event and watching blogs. I haven’t requested they day off yet. I am waiting for confirmation of the event. Plus my boss probably won’t look to highly on my geekness. so I am going to have to make up an excuse, any ideas?

    I have skipped class to watch a presentation of OnLive. OnLive is a cloud based gaming service, that in my opinion, will turn gaming, movie streaming, on its head.

    I so hope this is the rumored tablet. Imagine this will have major educational implications.

  4. ChrisC

    Hi Andy, heard the latest MacBreakWeekly and hearing you talk about burning the boats behind them thought of an idea: what if the MacTablet doesn’t need to compete with the MacBook because it replaces the MacBook? Apple has made less and less difference between the MBP and the MB, especially with the 13″ MBP, so why do they need a traditional consumer laptop at all?

    I don’t know all the spin that Jobs & Co would use to pitch the idea, but for the evolving marketplace ditching the MB as the consumer portable would free of a lot of “story space” in the Apple product line and I agree with you that Apple doesn’t make products just to have lots of SKUs. Just a thought.

    Good luck on the event! :)

  5. tedrick

    It would be interesting to see how broad the scope of the predicted event would be, especially since it’s replacing the traditional MacWorld keynote- I note that the Intel i5 mobile processors have been announced & that the mb pros are getting long in the tooth (based on macrumors’ buyers guide), and the already-noted iLife/iWork refresh that was traditionally around this time. Would they try to shoehorn all that into a longish presentation, or release when ready with mini-presentations, which would mean that you could *really* rack up the ff miles?

  6. Jaker

    Andy spent money on a hunch? Now this is getting exciting !

    Enjoyed it as always. Safe travels.

  7. Kim Groth

    I have listened to you on macbreak for a long time now. To be honest, this is the first time I have read a written word from you. Love the post, love all of your work (at least all that I have seen). I really hope the flight to SF is worth the time/money.

  8. midwestburbguy

    I think the whoopie do new interface on the whatchamacallit apple device supposidly being announce later this month will be a knock out voice interface control program that beats google voice and dragon ware.

  9. Isaac Church

    Well that’s quite a leap of faith. I sure hope that the Times is right about all of this. For some reason though, I keep thinking that the announcement won’t be about the tablet, but about a new AppleTV in conjunction with a subscription service for TV shows and music on iTunes. That would be pretty major, and might become part of the tablet strategy in the future, but this seems like an awfully early date to announce the tablet.

  10. mgabrys

    Hotel tip from a Bay Area ex-pat – if you can’t get couch-privs, stay near the Metreon at Powell and Market – cheaper than 100 bucks a night when I was there. Old – but clean. I prefer funky digs like these guys and the Cardinal Hotel in Palo Alto (extra tip – higher floors are better – street sound is reduced).


  11. Eugene

    “Come see what we’ve created: the iPod Shuffle: Now Two Grams Lighter” hahaha..

    Good gamble! Looking forward to seeing you in your gold ABC blazer talking to Leo! :)

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