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  1. Daniel

    I stopped watching MacFarlane shows around a year or so after Family Guy came back on the air. There’s a line where offensiveness crosses from humor to depravity, and MacFarlane usually leaves it miles behind.

  2. Mike Greelish

    It’s possible to find this funny and still feel like Peanuts was being violated if you’re open-minded.

  3. Jason

    Isn’t that kind of the point? I thought being an ass who needed to go f*** himself was 80% of MacFarlane’s schtick on purpose.

  4. Jared

    Agreed, I think he went too far years ago. h ent watched Family Guy in years. It’s just not funny. The early years where. But there is a line and he crosses it way too many times. Good on ya Andy.

  5. joe c

    Don’t worry the real Lucy is still safe. These are just actors. Does that make you upset people feel any better?

    (Geez, I thought it was hilarious. And no this wasn’t from the show MS pulled out of, which actually was more shocking than I was expected so i can see why they were chicken. Also, still really funny.)

  6. Noah Ramon

    As someone whose own tastes run towards the stupidly random and transgressive, I gotta say that McFarlane’s ALWAYS just made me want to pat him derisively on the head before telling him to just bloody quit.

  7. Jon

    THANK you, Andy! It’s not even necessarily this image for me, my main thing is… the show just isn’t funny.

    (Ok, RARELY funny… the ongoing chicken fight is pretty good… and the vaudeville guys… and that gag with the couch in the Star Wars episode. But beyond the chicken fight, the vaudeville guys, the aqueduct, and the Star Wars couch gag, the show just isn’t very funny.)

    I wish Fox would stop giving him his own night.

  8. stuartc

    I dunno Andy, it’s all about what he craps on, every once in a while he’s bound to crap on something you love or feel connected to.

    He’s got to keep moving or else he becomes a racist and a bigot..

    But yeah I can see how he pisses of thousands of people.

  9. flysi

    I thought it was hilarious. As a kid, I always thought Lucy was a jerk, probably because I inherited my mother’s oversized sense of empathy.

  10. Brad

    MacFarlane is full of hubris. While I think some of the stuff on Family Guy is funny, he seems to really enjoy making a joke at the expense of others. It’s his unbridled enthusiasm for hurting others that makes him an ass.

  11. Jim

    I’m not offended by his stuff, but he just tries too hard to be funny and feels he always has to do “blue” comedy to be funny. HTF he’s taken over FOX’s animation night confuses me. I’ll stick with the Simpsons, they know how to be funny without resorting to teenage humor. His Star Wars parodies are funny, I’ll give him that.

  12. Phishstu

    Surprised. Funny how you can come to understand the wavelength people are on especially when you had the wrong perception of that wave to begin with.

  13. danocamera

    I guess some people think that child abuse (or wife beating or rape or making fun of deaf people etc. etc. etc.) is hilarious… I’m just not one of them.

  14. Doctor Memory

    Mike Greelish @12:03 — conversely, it’s possible to not give a shit about the sanctity of Peanuts one way or the other, and still find this to be pretty damn emblematic of why Family Guy is not and has never been funny. MacFarlane has exactly one joke, and it’s the laziest gag on earth:

    “Hey Lois, that reminds me of the time that we went to [insert topical pop culture reference here] and [violent action]ed poor [celebrity that nobody likes]!” [cue flashback montage scene where Peter Griffin visits the set of Thriller and kicks Michael Jackson in the ballls]

    Watching commercials for Fox’s all-MacFarlane animation lineup is like waking up in a world where “Idiocracy” was a documentary. Meanwhile, Arrested Development is still cancelled. Not that I’m bitter.

  15. Mike

    You silly people don’t act like what peter did by kicking lucy wasn’t something you have wanted to do your entire life. She has been taunting Charlie Brown for 30 some odd years with the same moving the ball trick, all while promising she will never do it again. Peter simply did what Charlie Brown has wanted to do his entire life but since he is a family cartoon has never been able to do so.

    On a serious note FOX gives seth an entire night because what he does jokes people enjoy. If his ratings sucked do you think they wouldn’t just replace him with another Temptation Island rip off in a heart beat. His gags work plain and simple. He is an ass sure, but being an ass is what makes him funny. So I say go ahead Seth, make fun of black, asians, whites, retards, chickens, poop, farts, and every stereotype in the book and I for one will be watching.

  16. Jules Burt

    Hi Andy, totally agree, it’s a step too far on those beloved Peanuts characters. So what if Lucy deserved it, that’s the whole point if the strip.
    Keep up the good work,

  17. Gregor Findlay

    WAIT a minute! Whoa there!!

    You think this is offensive to Peanuts?! OK, it might be – and I don’t see the episode and have only seen this still but are none of you the least bit concerned with the image of a grown man holding a little girl up by the hair? This is more of a reason for Seth to go F**k himself, and F**k the commissioning editors over at Fox.

    I love Peanuts too but I think that people might be missing a bigger point here……At least 20% of American women and 5% to 10% of men have been sexually abused as children. (Finkelhor, 1994)

  18. G Lloyd

    I don’t know – Lucy had this coming for ages. I didn’t see MacFarlane attacking Shultz or the franchise, but defending Charlie Brown. He actually did what I wanted to do to Lucy for years.

  19. Liam

    I suppose it shows how attitudes have changed in such a short space of time. Shock is MacFarlane’s schtick and that’s kind of it. I’d have more respect for him if he wasn’t such a suck up to George Lucas.

    If you get the chance read the book “Schultz and Peanuts” by David Michaelis. I real interesting insight in to Schultz’s life.

  20. romzburg


    The stuff with Jesus, Moses, Mohommed, Catholic priests, Rabbis, Jews in general, and so forth, these were all fair game.

    But to make a mockery of Charles Schulz?!

    Now that’s crossing the line!

  21. Jason Clark

    Hear hear!

    Just one more in a long line of examples of why I will not watch anything McFarlane produces. As many commenters have already said, he just crosses the line far too often, and by far too much. I find his humor to be largely humorless and tasteless.

  22. Moeskido

    Bad taste is easy. Real satire is not. McFarlane has spent a great deal of time perfecting his techniques for conveying a great deal of lazy writing. Some of his sight-gags work well, but they’re way too small a percentage of his output.

  23. Dan

    Holy shit, taking it all a little to serious anyone? Who exactly is the authority who gets to choose when to draw “the line” in a cartoon, that I can or can’t laugh at? I’m sure there is one, but it’s certainly not you.
    I guess then that you think the riots over the cartoons depicting Mohammed were justified too? No, when that happened you screamed bloody murder against the people attacking free speech.

    It’s a fricking cartoon, you sound ridiculous taking it so seriously. I bet you’re all the same people who sang Family Guy’s praises when it started.
    The real issue here is you’ve just gotten bored of it. Well the hundreds of people who work on Family Guy don’t deserve to loose their jobs just because you’ve grown out of it, there are plenty of other people still happy to watch the show.

  24. Peggy

    Hello?!?! The point is not that it is Lucy being beat up. It is an adult brutalizing a child.

    And you really think that’s funny? Then you are sick f***s.

    I love sick humour. But Seth is just disgusting, not funny. I stopped watching his trash ages ago.

  25. Jason

    Seth MacFarlane makes his living crossing the line into the realm of bad taste. He always has. If you don’t like his brand of humor, don’t watch his shows.

    Is he sometimes offensive? Yes. Absolutely. But the point is, he takes jabs at everything. Nothing and no one is out of bounds.

  26. Mike


    Your point is understandable. You’re offended by the vulgarity. But, you are a wordsmith (respected and admired). How much more satisfying would it have been to give him a proper verbal beatdown, rather than the visceral clichĂ©? I’d look forward to that response.

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  28. lipbalm

    I thought this was hilarious and I consider myself a fan of the Peanuts. In fact, despite the gore factor, I think this works within the spirit of the Peanuts. Chuck never gets a break. It would have been wrong for Charles Shultz to let him off the hook, but I think it’s OK (just this once) for him to get to kick the ball for Lucy to get a little much-deserved payback.

    Seth, just like Matt and Trey at South Park, are going to offend you at some point. You can’t laugh at all the other offensive-to-somebody jokes and not expect one of them to be fired in your direction eventually.

  29. Tracy

    Actually Mike, it is interesting in itself to note the situations that bring a skilled wordsmith to the point of visceral expletives. We’ve just seen Andy’s, and I well say it is an appropriate response. What more need be said?

  30. Mike


    I guess I expected the same measured and eloquent approach that makes me (and you?) a fan. We’re all entitled to outrage, Andy is no exception and a part of me agrees with “What more be said?”. There’s no need to justify or explain, especially to me, I’m just an onlooker.

    However, the other part of me is curious about which aspect of this scene is the most offensive… Heresy against the Peanuts canon? Violence against children? Violence against females? All of them make me queasy, but so do Sgt. Hatred’s constant references to being a pedophile in the Venture Bros. (isn’t Andy a fan?). Yet I eagerly await the next episode.

    I’m over analyzing. Thanks for your response, Tracy.

  31. A. Nonymous

    It would have been much funnier (and put fewer people’s knickers in a bunch) if Stewie had applied the oh-so-richly-deserved beat down. His head is even shaped like a football, so it works on more than one level. Maybe MacFarlane is more interested in putting people’s knickers in a bunch than trying to make them laugh, which is really a shame if it’s true.

  32. lostboykev

    Like many people are saying, it IS a cartoon. Everything is fictional. Though there may be some underlying truth, IT’S STILL NOT REAL. Hence being a cartoon. The offensiveness is what makes it funny. It seems some people don’t like Family Guy’s “raunchiness”. personally I love it! JUST EMBRACE IT BABY!!

  33. Noah

    You got it Andy! I mean, mess with a legendary franchise like Peanuts? It’s an INSTITUTION for Heaven’s sake! McFarlane…I second that motion.

  34. dude95

    chill out people she only got KO for the freaks. For anyone who likes family guy you rock. Who cares if lucy gets battered its a joke, a cartoon. Stop your crying and enjoy it people. Family packed with this stuff.

  35. Shamey

    Gee Seth, what do you have in store for the “little red headed girl’ who Charlie has a crush on but who he is too shy to talk to?

    Not funny. Remarkable how realistic Seth worked to make Lucy’s voice performance realistic…you hear the pain.

    And some of you laugh at this? Yeah, yeah, yeah I get free speech and crass humor and all the Tom & Jerry arguments…but you really find this kind of thing funny?

    I spent Veteran’s day thinking about family & friends who have served. This kind of free speech is not what they scarified for.

  36. akitzmil

    I think if you’re going to do something this offensive you’d better make damn sure it’s funny. Unless I’m missing some broader context, this doesn’t appear to be funny (based on the YouTube clip).

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