4 thoughts on “And now…Obama’s ACTUAL motorcade passing through Boston:

  1. Johnny

    I like how every time you post something from you iPhone through email it says sent from my iPhone. It is Apple’s “Denny Crane” moment. Love it.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    The iPhone mail app can automatically add a .sig to outgoing emails. That’s the default. I keep it intact — especially with blog posts — to communicate “C’mon, gimme a break here: I just tapped this fricking thing out on my phone while standing on the sidewalk.”

  3. Chris

    Thanks for… what… cars?
    The end of this clip makes me sad for the good old days. When a crowd like this formed, you could hear the clicks and ratchets of pictures being taken and film being advanced. You might even hear the click-whine of a photog’s motor drive. Now, its mobile phone cameras and silence…

  4. Johnny

    Yeah but how many more camera phones are there then cameras were back then. I’ll remind you this photo was posted by a phone almost instantly after recording it. I’m also sure they did not announce the route of the motorcade and that could have been a decoy. So thanks for the update it was cool..

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