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The format also yielded a couple of authentically touching moments. Mr. Gilliam read a question submitted by 10-year-old Talia Lindner, asking if she could perform her version of the Spanish Inquisition skit for the Pythons. Mr. Gilliam accepted, and up to the front of the theater strode little Talia, in glasses and blue jeans. After a deep breath or five, she rapidly performed all the characters in the scene in just under a minute (“I didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition”; “Hold on, I’ll come in again”), drawing roars of laughter from the troupe followed by enthusiastic handshakes.

I wanted to share this for two compelling reasons:

(1) It’s absolutely adorable. If there’s a PayPal account set up for this girl’s college fund, I’ve got $20 set aside. And bully to the Pythons for recognizing how great a moment that could be, and encouraging her to climb to the podium.

(2) It’s a good opportunity to mention that although a 10-year-old girl reciting the entire Spanish Inquisition Sketch for the Pythons is absolutely adorable, a 46-year-old IT worker with the same impulse should probably just keep his hand lowered.

Do read the entire piece. The ending started my morning off with one hell of a smile.

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  1. spinnyd

    All of the guys from Monty Python seem to just … get it. They released all of their stuff on You Tube and their sales went through the roof. They all seem to have a deep understanding that the FANS are why they are who they are and they seem to go to great lengths to keep them happy. Everyone should watch the documentary on Monty Python on IFC this week, they will repeat it next week if you miss any episodes!

  2. Talia Lindner

    I’m glad you liked it. I think Monty Python is awesome! Yes, this is actually me. My dad says you should send the money to:

    Behind the Hot Water Pipes
    3rd Washroom Along
    Victoria Station

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