MIT Flea Haul

Cold, rainy and miserable in Cambridge today…but did that keep me away from the MIT Flea Market?

It was the last one of the year…so HELL yeah.

Behold, my total haul for the day.

Yes, I TOTALLY need these things.

(Shut up.)

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8 thoughts on “MIT Flea Haul

  1. Anonymous

    That’s a Convergent Technologies WorkSlate, circa 1982-84. It is notable for two things. First, it has a ‘Do It’ button. The Mac was going to have that, but wound up with ‘Okay’ in dialog boxes instead. True story! Second, it was primarily a machine for running a spreadsheet, but could also work as a telephone answering machine.

  2. Topher

    I made an analog clock out of a Simon. I wanted the four colors to blink for the seconds but didn’t figure it out. My friend still enjoyed the gift.

  3. Tracy

    Awesome! I still have my original SIMON even though it stopped working years ago. Wonderful game, extremely well implemented (except for the not-working part.)

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