iPod Nano Fifth Gen…Quick Demo Video

Fifth-Gen iPod Nano..taken to The Outer Limits!!! from Andy Ihnatko on Vimeo.

iPod Nano…taken to the Outer Limits!!!

Specifically, my regular comic book shop, located on Moody Street in Waltham. Apple’s latest iPod Nano arrived today and though I haven’t exactly put it up on the test bench yet, I thought I’d take it out for a quick spin and check out the video features.

A complete review will appear in the Sun-Times tomorrow, But some initial notes:

  • This is a “fun camera.” Set your expectations accordingly.
  • The camera lens is close to the edge of the Nano and it’s veryeasy to block it with your finger.
  • A snap-judgment: the camera is hopeless in dim lighting. I shot some very basic video in my office. The lighting was very bad, sure (late-afternoon on a rainy day, two medium-sized windows, no artificial lights). There wasn’t enough light to read by, but it was nothing that a standard Flip camera couldn’t handle; the flip would have cranked up the gain on the image sensor and produced grainy, but perfectly viewable, video. The iPod Nano’s video was mostly impossible to make out.
  • You need to manage your storage carefully. I unpacked the Nano, hooked it up to my MacBook, and did the same sync I do with just about any music player: I filled it up to within a whisker of its capacity. Imagine my shock when I discovered that I could only record about two minutes of video. Then imagine my embarrassment when I realized that I really shouldn’t have been shocked. Note to self: leave a gig or two free if I intend to shoot lots of video with this thing. Videos seem to take up about fifteen megs per minute.
  • The audio quality is pretty impressive, considering this little pinhole the mic has to listen through. Raise your voice, though, and there’ll be some ugly clipping.

But this is all quite preliminary. More to come next week.

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10 thoughts on “iPod Nano Fifth Gen…Quick Demo Video

  1. David W.

    The quality looks impressive for such a small device! I would probably block the camera lens though…How does the quality compare to the iPhone 3GS?

  2. martymankins

    The quality is very good for that little camera. With it pointed to you, it’s very steady. When you point it at the comic book guy, it appears to be very shaky and unstable.

    The sound is not bad. I may want one of these, but can wait until the day after Thanksgiving for the big Apple sale.

  3. Jonny Deco

    Re: Blocking the camera with your finger or hand…Chris Breen has some good tips about avoiding this in his review on Macworld.com. For example, when shooting in portrait mode, he recommends flipping the Nano upside down, and says the Nano will automatically compensate for that. He made suggestions for shooting in landscape also.

  4. Darren

    I’m quite impressed with this – the quality looks great for it’s size. I just wish it shot widescreen, 640×480 squarescreen is a bit 90’s!

  5. Tom

    I am impressed. and happy since I ordered mine on wednesday ! The video looks much better than I had thought.
    It seems that one must really concentrate to avoid the shaking, think serene thoughts.

    Cool comic store by the way !

  6. Jason Carman

    Ah, for the days when we had comic stores like that here in St. Louis! Oh, and the nano video makes me want to buy one!

  7. Chris

    Yea, a CWOB exclusive! I don’t have to go to posterous to see other comments. Down with posterous, Long live CWOB. (I need to get a life.)

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