7 thoughts on “Scenes From A Bleeding

  1. hawkman

    It’s taken me a while to realise that those appear to be headphones in the second picture. Not a bizarre and frightening hairstyle…

  2. Johnny Canuck

    I’m pretty good with the site of blood… But OH THE HORRORS…. They made you sue a Windoes Machine.

    BTW Thank you very much for your selfless donation, I hope to never personally need it but know far too well that every donation is used and cherished by those that are in need.

  3. Jonathan Fletcher

    And platelets are in even more demand that whole blood. Platelets only last 5 days. Whole blood can last for weeks and can even be frozen. Platelets used to only be used for hemophiliacs and bone-marrow transplant patients, but now doctors are ordering them up for high-risk surgeries as well. The Red Cross can’t fill orders fast enough. The good thing about platelets, though, is that you can give as often as every four days up to a maximum of 24 times a year. That means that instead of a maximum 6 hour commitment to donate whole blood the maximum number of times, you can generate an annual platelet commitment of up to 96 hours!!! It’s fun to be forced to slow down and relax for a couple of hours, though.

    And the people who work at the collection center are the nicest people you’ll meet, even if they won’t use my T-shirt idea: “Take as many as you like. I’ll make more.”

    -Jonathan Fletcher, 14 gallons and counting…

  4. Will E.

    Hey, platelets! Good on you, Andy!

    I gave platelets at the Brigham & Womens Blood Bank for a few years — until they decided they didn’t want my too-much-time-in-filthy-Europe blood products. :7( Thank you for picking up the slack.

    I convinced one new boss that it was a medical thing and he was too cautious to ask, so I left work early every Tuesday for over a year. I always gave doubles, and once a triple: the techs were impressed but a little alarmed; they asppeared unsure whether they should make a big deal or hush it up.

    If you do go to the Brigham, say hi to Mat M., he’s a great man with a needle.

    – Will E.

  5. Will E.

    The only down side to frequent platelet donations is that you get all the gifts, and then they feel bad when you leave.

    I have two matching sweatshirts, an umbrella, several identical hats, matching shorts, and a whole shelf of thermo-sensitive coffee mugs that reveal “Feel warm inside, Give Blood” when I fill them with coffee.

    The only one I really wanted a dupe of was the shirt with a St. Bernard Dog tyhat said “Platelet Rescue Squad” on the front, but they ran out after my first donation.

  6. Brad Newton

    Looks more like an “infusion” of some new nano-technology. Maybe the ability to stream thoughts to pull data from any available wi-fi access point? The ultimate connection.

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