Weasel Attack In Progress – Possible RSS Wonkiness Ahead

There’s a massive attack underway, affecting WordPress blogs that aren’t running the latest version. Alas, Ihnatko.com got hit with it.

(You probably read all about it in the previous post.)

The good news is that it looks like I can preserve all of Ihnatko.com’s posts and comments.

The BAD news is that the only way to undo this attack (which adds a new, secret admin, inserts malware code, does all kinds of nasty things intended to — you guessed it — help spread spam and ads) is to destroy the whole site and rebuilt it from scratch.

I don’t know how this will affect the RSS feed. When I’ve finished the erase-and-reinstall of Ihnatko.com, I’ll create a new post. So if this is the last post you see in your feedcatcher and it’s been a few days, please visit Ihnatko.com directly via your browser and re-subscribe.

Push the detonator, Frank…

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