Mobile Lighting Rig…To Infinity!

Okay. I’m willing to walk around a comic-con or the MIT Flea with a big SLR and a flash head and a battery grip in order to get the best photos I can get. But THIS guy! This is a sign of true dedication:

Breaking it down for folks who aren’t photo geeks: he’s got a studio-style umbrella flash rig, mounted to a backpack and fired via a radio remote mounted on his Canon EOS 40D. My hat’s off. Though I have to think that this lighting rig made candid shots a bit of a challenge.
I wonder how frequently people stopped to ask him what character he was supposed to be?
His photos, from the San Diego Comic-Con:

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4 thoughts on “Mobile Lighting Rig…To Infinity!

  1. Clinky

    Puts you in the mind of when Senator Franken used to do the bit on Weekend Update on SNL where he had a sattelite dish backback.

  2. John H.

    Actually, if it’s a debate between “genius” and “weirdo”, I have to go with “Genius” on this one. You saw the photos I got, and that was just with a crappy digital camera (and the chutzpah to ask beautiful girls to pose for me…). Andy, think of the photos you got at ChowderFest 2 years ago JUST because you had a more professional-looking camera. This guy can probably get ANY photo he wants at Comic-Con.

    Plus, as I have mentioned before, a convention center is NOT the best environment for photo-taking. You have a large, cavernous space with overhead lighting (WAY overhead). If you use a flash, you will light up the immediate area, but also to infinity and beyond. And if you don’t use a flash, there’s actually not as much light in the convention center as your eyes think. And god forbid if you want to shoot UP at a heroic angle – you’ll get the overhead lights in the shot, the camera will compensate, and your photo will be of a dark gray person against a slightly less-gray background.

    Something tells me this guy knows what he’s doing. God knows there are plenty of Comic-Con shots (that I didn’t post) that could have used a fill light. Andy, please come to Comic-Con next year and bring your most professional-looking camera. I’m not saying you have to use an umbrella flash-rig, but the world needs to see Comic-Con through your camera lens.

    John H.

  3. Peekok

    This reminds me of an experimental work in photography by Steve Mann (see, based around rigs of flash lamps & wearable technology. He developed wearable computer in the beginning as a “photographer’s assistant”; also invented “dusting” technique,

  4. ChicagoMolly

    I knew a guy who was totally convinced he was taking pictures of people’s auras with a polaroid. All that was happening was he never quite got the hang of centering his subject’s face in the viewfinder, the autoexposer thingy was aimed at the wall 4 meters beyond, and the resulting photon blast made the poor guy’s face disappear in the print. OOOOOOOOO, wow, aura!!!!!

    Not quite.

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