MIT Flea Quickie

Another Third Sunday Of The Month, another MIT Flea. Once again I was left to ponder the question “What kind of weather ensures a big, lively MIT Flea?” I suspect that it’s not “beautiful, warm and sunny” like today. If it’s slightly miserable, the impulse to make the most of summer dissipates and people think nothing of spending two or three hours wandering through a parking garage and an outdoor lot. If it’s completely miserable, why leave the house at all?

 So: not the greatest Flea of the year by any means. But it definitely fell within the broad parameters of Worth Coming Out For It.

 Yes, pictures were taken (the usual Flickr album will be up later). And yes, things were bought. For some reason there was a military theme to my purchases.

 First, I bought a cannonball. I’m going to keep it in the car and drop it inside the next town square Civil War cannon I come across. The NEXT time someone takes a gag photo of themselves lighting the fuse, boy will they be in for a nutty surprise! As well as everybody inside the big church 1000 yards away!

Oh, and my plan to own a complete military jet airplane is coming along nicely. I can’t afford to buy the whole $59,299,201 aircraft right now, so I’m buying it in kit form, one part at a time. This way, I can purchase bits of it as I can afford them, and I’ll save a bundle by assembling it myself.
First part: a titanium vane from the jet intake turbine:

You’re probably thinking this is a silly idea, but it’ll work out great. All of the parts are numbered so you know what order they all go in:

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  1. gizo


    because when I saw that photo in your flickr feed, I truly spent the next few hours wondering ‘what IS a Lannon Ball!?’

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