MiFi + Eye-Fi = Doubleplus SUPER Awesome

I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out the math:
1) With a MiFi in my pocket, there’s a bubble of WiFi internet connectivity wherever I go.
2) With an Eye-Fi card in any camera, the shots I take can go straight to Flickr, wherever there’s WiFi.
3) With a MiFi in my pocket and an Eye-Fi in my Nikon…I can effortlessly LiveFlickr from anywhere in the US.
And I’m not posting dinky phone photos: I’m posting REAL photos.
This is just another reason why I think the MiFi is THE mobile broadband solution. It’s not a gadget, it’s a resource with huge flexibility.
I’m out in Brookline getting dinner. Watch the majesty as it happens:

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8 thoughts on “MiFi + Eye-Fi = Doubleplus SUPER Awesome

  1. RockhopperDad

    Everything about this post makes me very very happy. I just picked up the new Eye-Fi Geo and so far so good, but a MiFi would be the icing on the cake. Damn.

  2. Zach

    So, how do you selectively upload? Or are you stuck uploading every shot immediately and then editing on Fickr?

  3. Adam Turetzky

    This is so awesome. I have a first gen original iPhone which comes out of contract this month. I’m positive now I’m not getting a 3GS but a MiFi and either an iPod Touch or a Lenovo netbook and hackintoshing it. All I use on my iPhone is Twitter, GoogleVoice and Fring (Gizmo) and the iPod anyway.

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @Zach – You can configure the card to work in a bunch of different ways. If you’ve set it up to automatically send photos to a photosite, then yup, everything goes to the site. You can also (say) set it so that when you turn the camera on inside your house, it automatically finds your Mac and sends all of your pictures to iPhoto.

  5. Paul

    Wow, that’s perfect. Now when ‘Joe Jack Booted Authority Figure’ says you can’t take a picture of that sir, can you delete it from your camera. You can happily comply then maybe as you walk away point out the futility of his actions b/c it was already automatically uploaded to the internets.

  6. Allen

    Hi Andy! Thanks for introducing us to the MiFi months ago. This definitely seems like an incredibly handy device to have around, if not for the two reasons you mentioned in this post.

    As cool as that is, I really want to know what that device is that the iPhone is standing in, the one attached to your dashboard :-). With all of these turn-by-turn GPS apps coming out for the iPhone, it would be great to have some sort of a mounted stand (besides the TomTom). Thank you sir! -Allen

  7. Jimmy Havok

    Wow! To actually be able to immediately post random pictures of wherever you are for other people to see! That’s an exponential leap beyond tweeting.

    Why, exactly, would anyone be interested? Besides than your mother, that is.

  8. mike

    Think about the implications for photo journalism. No sneaking rolls of film or memory cards around. No breaking a camera when someone takes a shot the bad guys want suppressed. It even works with videos recorded to the SDHC card.

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