Tea Egg: First Try

I had my first Tea Egg in Beijing. It’s a tantalizingly simple idea:
1) Make some hard-boiled eggs.
2) Reduce the water to a simmer.
3) Add a teabag and some spices.
4) Crack the shells of the eggs by tapping around them with a knife handle.
5) Return eggs to the water and simmer for 2-5 hours.
The flavors permeate the white of the egg and also create a neat spiderweb effect.
When done right, like the ones I had in China, the taste will inspire you to try making some when you get back home. Even when done wrong like this, it’s damned tasty.
I did these “wrong” in the sense that I didn’t follow a fixed recipe. These were “practice” eggs that were near their use-by eggs. One bag of black tea and a tablespoon each of cinnamon and Worcestershire made a nice, barbecue-ey sort of taste but it wasn’t quite strong enough.
Also, to duplicate the best I had in Beijing, I think the eggs would have to go in unshelled…so the flavors seep in everywhere at full potency.
Still, a solid first effort. And I think if you served this to a 9- year-old boy as a “dinosaur egg” it’d go over pretty big.

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  1. Soy sauce eggs also work nice for this kind of thing. Hard boil eggs, crack them, roll them around in a sauce pan with some heated soy sauce. Nice flavored hard boiled eggs that you do NOT need to add any salt to.

  2. I used black tea, cinnamon, and worcestershire sauce. Traditional recipes use a combo of spices but almost always “Chinese Five-Spice Powder.”

    But it’s an interesting basic idea; the egg is infused with the flavors of the spices in the water. So conceivably, you could make up your own combinations.

  3. Greetings from the Goddard Space Flight Center, whose spoon that egg is sitting in – I was not aware that such a thing existed – tea egg or GSFC spoon!

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