Your Moral Quandary Of The Day

I’m branching out my business, sensation-seekers, to include commentary, punditry, and thumbs up/thumbs down box reviews on matters of faith, spirituality, and moral guidance.
(Actually, “thumbs up/thumbs down” has been trademarked by Ebert. Suggestions for a replacement? I need something that will translate into a catchy little icon for my little capsule segments on “Access Hollywood.” I’m thinking maybe “Shield of Joan of Arc/Severed head of John the Baptist” if we can resolve clearance issues with the respective families.)
First up, a Moral Hypothetical for you to ponder on this Monday:
Let’s say that you are an internationally beloved technology columnist and regarded as Something Of An Expert on tech matters. Moreover, you have written a best-selling iPhone book, with a third edition on its way.
You have shown up for a Monday appointment at 3 PM. However, you were expected at 2. The person you were scheduled to meet with takes out his iPhone to double-check his calendar, as do you.
Do you:
1) Sense that it’s no big deal to either one of you; shrug it off as a “these things happen” sort of thing and commence with the meeting;
2) Admit that you might have entered it into your iPhone incorrectly;
3) Say “Well, it’s easy to sometimes set the wrong time when you create a new appointment; sometimes when you flick the Hour wheel with your finger its ‘momentum’ carries you over to the next digit.”
The implication of course being: “Like HELL it was me. I’m an internationally beloved technology columnist and regarded as Something Of An Expert! Moreover…”
Answer printed below. Turn your screen upside down and hold the Magic Answer Spyglass up to the shaded purple text. Magic Answer Spyglass can be found in the current newsstand issue of “Family Circle”; replacements may be obtained for a nominal handling fee care of this newspaper.

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