Question Of The Day

Q: Did I overdo it in Tianenmen Square this morning?

Choose one;

A) Yes.
B) Hell, yes.
C) Oh, F*** yes!
D) Depends. Was your goal to die of heatstroke and exhaustion right there in the Forbidden City? If so, then no, you should have pushed it just a _little_ bit further. If not, then I’m going with “C”.

Several failure points were mentioned in the debriefing. But the mission organizers appreciated that it wasn’t a productive time for a meeting and that medical attention

(Consisting of: walking back to the hotel at 1, falling into bed with a few liters of water and the TV remote at hand, no agenda for remainder of afternoon except rest & rehydration)

…should be given top priority.

94 degrees in Beijing right now. The Forbidden City is a series of huge, open stone courtyards with no shade. I didn’t bring enough water and I couldn’t buy more; as far as I could tell, vendors aren’t allowed past a certain point.

I could feel the obvious signs of heatstroke (nausea, fatigue, disorientation, shouting “Harpo S. CHRIST is it hot!” more often than usual) but felt that I had to press on. When would be my next chance to explore this place?

That MO worked for Lewis and Clark. For me, not so much.

(Sopping, salty, stinky tee shirt is peeled off and discarded. Yes, gals, deal with the image.)

In the end, I think the City wasn’t so much Forbidden as it was simply Ill-Advised.

5 thoughts on “Question Of The Day

  1. odaiwai

    Never mind, just read your tweet to @myapplemenu. Drink More Water! (And be careful of the bottled stuff – a lot of it is distilled and you can end up hyponatremic: hydrated but having sweated out the salts and sugars you need. Make sure you eat something to keep your electrolytes in balance.)

  2. John Simpson

    Did you take out your tank model to stand in front of in the square? Missed opertunity for a memerable photo.

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