On the Great Firewall of China: yup, China is officially blocking access to Twitter, a move that’s being attributed to the ethnic violence in Xinjiang province.

So: hotelroom Internet is still internationally and collectively a bastard, but it isn’t to blame for my being unable to post “ZOMG! Hai can’t has Twitter in China!!!!”

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  1. tim

    And yet, while we were in Guangzhou a couple of weeks ago, the hotel TVs were showing CNN International’s retrospective on the Solidarity movement in Poland, which included a 5-10 minute bit about news coverage of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations. In English, mind you, but with Guangzhou being such a hub of international trade I imagine there’s more than a few locals that speak decent English.

    Needless to say, we watched the whole thing expecting a censor to cut off the program at any minute. But no, it played through. Very surreal.

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