OscarBlog 2009 – Stave 7

I’ll say one thing for these clip packages (Best Visual Effects)…it gives the liveblogger time to do some WordPress housekeeping and tag and ship the previous post. So I’m all for ’em. We’ll be here until 3 AM, but for selfish reasons…sure, bring ’em on.

Wil Smith. He’d work well as an Oscar host, too. He’s in the business and universally likeable. And a swell entertainer. I bet DJ Jazzy Jeff will enjoy getting the walk-on gig, too. (Musical number: “Second-Unit Assistant Directors Just Don’t Understand”)

Hard to pick a winner in Visual Effects with so many big, flashy productions…

…But I wouldn’t have picked “Benjamin Button.” Ben Button boring. Iron Man’s effects where exhilarating.

Four people come to the stage to collect statuettes. If the economy keeps tanking and takings keep nosediving, we might see a day when the producers of the show find a reason to disqualify any winner that would force the organization to make more than 2 or 3 Oscar statues per category.

Outstanding Sound Editing. One of those categories that sort of baffle me. Sound Editing is usually for discrete sound effects (the squeal of tires). Sound Design is for making the audience believe that the tires squealed inside a concrete parking garage on a humid day.

It HAS to be WALL*E. What an achievement…fusing sound effects WITH acting performances.

It’s Dark Knight?!? Losers! Idiots! Morons! Pinheads!!!

(I speak to the voters, not the people who worked on “Dark Knight,” who certainly worked very hard and deserve to be recognized. They just don’t deserve to beat “Wall*E.”)

Sound Effects Mixing is up next. But I’m frankly too pissed off about Wall*E losing the Sound Editing award to care that “Slumdog” has won.

“Slumdog” also wins for Best Editing. Nope, still pissed about the Sound Editing award. Couldn’t care less who won this one. I need to go get a beverage or something.

I’m not even suggesting that you order the Victor Out Of Sight Mole Trap because of any sort of mole problem. I’m suggesting you order it because it’s actually a cool-looking object to have on your desk. Honest. Looks like a notecard holder from one of the offices in “Brazil.”

(Or a torture device from one of the scenes from the end of that film. It’s best not to think what it would be used for.)

Oh, yes, and I’m also suggesting it because if you click the link and buy anything at all, I’ll get that Amazon kickback. Boring of me to keep bringing it up, I know. But I don’t want you to think I’m offering up these links for your benefit. Like a good magician, I feel that I can only ethically con you if you came into the room planning to be conned, eh?

(And I kind of want to buy myself a new toy.)

1 thought on “OscarBlog 2009 – Stave 7

  1. Justin

    Wall-e was robbed before the night even started when it didn’t get the Best Picture nom.

    As for the sound editing Oscar, Alex Lindsay said it best when he twittered “Ben Burtt carried half a movie with sound editing”

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