OscarBlog 2009 – Stave 4

Ben Stiller as Joachin Phoenix! Oh, man. The entire audience is acknowledging and endorsing the fact that Phoenix acted like a colossal ass on the Letterman Show and can happily be mocked. Before that appearance, his retirement was a personal choice. After it…well, the decision left his hands entirely. “When Cortez reached the New World, he set fire to his ships. This left his men very well motivated!”

Great bit. Stiller is committing to it completely.

Nominees for cinematography. Another win for “Slumdog.” Suffice to say that when you shoot in a location like that, you have plenty of opportunities for interesting, dusty lighting.

Wow! Short bit.

Back from commercial with a recap of the Sci-tech awards. Quick shout-out to Jerry Lewis for his invention of the video tap (though that’s been disputed). Ed Catmull got the shout-out…awesome.

Wow again! And we’re off for another commercial. Hmm. Is something going wrong backstage? Or are they running behind on their commercial airings? Are they trying to make sure they can tighten up the show at the end if they need to?

You hate snakes, don’t you? Do you want to tell every snake “My house is OFF LIMITS to you limbless flicky-tongue bastards?” Well, say it in the only language that snakes understand: the Cahaba Small Snake Trap.

On the off-chance that you’re trying to entice lots and lots of snakes in your house so you can reproduce the “Well Of Souls” scene from “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” for your next Christmas video, click the link anyway and buy something you were planning to buy. I’ll get a small kickback from Amazon which I promise to spend on something foolish. And I wont give a single penny to any pro-snake group.

3 thoughts on “OscarBlog 2009 – Stave 4

  1. weblizard

    Andy, dear as you are to me, I damn near bailed after clicking this link! PLEASE do not link to those glue traps, for snakes or any other vertebrate! Did you even look at the pictures of dead/dying snakes left to die, glued to those traps? Even if you don’t like snakes, that’s a lousy way to kill a critter…

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