OscarBlog 2009 – Stave 3

More looks at the “we don’t have enough money to do a proper set” intentional set design. I wonder if that’s a smart move. Remember, during the hardest times of the 20th century, moviegoers went to the movies because they wanted to see glitz and sparkle and tuxedoed men and women in luxurious ballgowns being driven in huge cars.

I think it’s an ongoing mistake to keep explaining to us “people have to design the clothes you see in the movies.” I think we get it. Just cut together a montage from the nominated work that shows us why it’s so cool. Maybe even get an expert to pre-record his opinions of why it’s so vital and different.

I have no idea what they’re going for in a Costume Design award. Are they awarding fantastic, creative designs? Or simple, story-supporting practical work? It must be hard to costume a period piece like “Milk” and make everyone look like they dressed out of the 1978 Sears Catalogue. Is that appreciated as highly as when you do an 18th century period piece? Nobody remembers how people dressed 250 years ago. But your parents or grandparents would say “We would NEVER wear the cork-soled platforms with the live cricket in the heel with micro-shorts!”

Oh! Now I see: they’re actually sort of moving us “through the production process.” You write a screenplay, then you design the sets and costumes, then you do the makeup, then…”

So what they’re saying is that hiring the actors and the director is absolutely the least important part of it. You can put off making that Craigslist posting until the week before you start filming.

“Benjamin Button” wins for makeup. I guess that was an easy pick. Fantasy makeups are never considered to be as big an achievement as “real world” makeups.

And here’s another montage about “romantic moments of 2008.” An easy and obvious cut, and of course it’s something they air at the front of the show, before they know how late they’re running. Honestly, nobody cares about this.

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