OscarBlog 2009 – Stave 0

Greetings, from an undisclosed location. In Queens. A walk from the Jefferson stop on the “L.” Up the street a bit. On the right. Past the post office. But I’m really not allowed to make it any more specific than that.

A bit of drama here, sensation-seekers: I happily came out to NYC to do a spot on the CBS Saturday Early Show, and was deep into prep for the show before I figured out that this was Oscar Weekend! So I had to weigh some options, including coming home Saturday night (and giving up a free weekend in a fabulous city, hanging out with fabulouser friends), coming home Saturday night and watching and blogging via Slingbox and a Sprint cellular modem as I speed down the Northeast Corridor on Amtrak…

…Or sleep way the hell in on Sunday, stay put, watch television, go home on Monday instead of Sunday.

So! Welcome to the liveblog. I wish I’d started counting up how many years I’ve been doing this. I imagine that once I’m looking forward to the tenth one, I can get sponsorship from Motorola and various makers of lotions, fragrances, and bright shiny objects and have gift bags for all 53 to 3.4 million people reading this.

I suppose if I don’t count them up, I could just sort of declare that 2010 is the tenth anniversary.

So! If you’re the maker or promoter of a good, product or service whose mere existence demonstrates the fundamental problems that bring us down as a society, and you’d like to give away anywhere from 53 to 3.4 million of them, be sure to get right in touch.

(Actually, make it 54 to 3,400,001; if people are getting free Emmanuel Ax “Forte” Body Spray For Men Gift Packs, I’m going to be first in line.)

One little extra selfish twist: I’m slugging in an Associates link to Amazon somewhere in every one of these liveblog posts. Are you enjoying this liveblog? Were you planning on buying something on Amazon later? Cool. Click this link to get there. It doesn’t matter what you buy. I’ll get a little bonus from Amazon merely for having reminded you that you were meaning to buy a Havahart Easy Set/Release One-Door Raccon Trap.

(Or whatever. I’m really not here to judge. I just want the referral.)

It won’t cost you anything and it’ll put me a few pennies closer to the purchase price of something fun that I probably wouldn’t have bought myself otherwise.

To keep reloads short, I’ll be updating the blog at every commercial. Onward!

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