The Worst Idea Ever. EVER!

I was playing “American Idol” on the PS2 with some friends last night. And an idea came.

Let’s not identify the person or persons who came up with this idea. We wouldn’t want this individual or these individuals to be embarrassed. For it is indeed the worst idea ever.

The idea is for me to arrange a New England Karaoke Tweetup.

This would be like any other Tweetup — a place and a time is announced, and a group of Twitter followers show up and socialize — except that the place would in fact be a karaoke bar. And so everybody would be expected not only to mingle with strangers and pay for their own drinks…but also get up and work their way through “Endless Love” as best they can, with said strangers in the audience.

But I mustn’t announce that sometime next month, I’ll be setting up the first New England Karaoke Tweetup. I won’t even start looking for a karaoke bar somewhere in Eastern Massachusetts that would be suitable for such an evening.

I mustn’t. Because it is indeed a horrible idea. A horrible, terrible, fractid idea that really, is best driven back into the pit of Hell from whence it came.

Horrible, horrible idea.

Let’s not even discuss this.

15 thoughts on “The Worst Idea Ever. EVER!

  1. Stephen

    That was so brilliant how you sd “I’m glad you won’t read this” on twitter. hehehehhehe Pure Mark Twain. And reading this piece feels like reading Mark Twain. Tks for the good laugh, literary worthy laugh!

  2. David Broudy

    Let’s not, and say we did. That way nobody has to endure me croaking through “Wooly Bully”.

    –DB (Andover MA)

  3. Conrad Halling

    I didn’t read this. This idea is too horrible to contemplate. It’s as horrible as the idea that you can play “American Idol” on a PS2.

    You should seek professional help.

  4. Marianne

    You must want to experience the sensation of one’s ears bleeding firsthand, which is what will happen if you arrange this and I attend and am forced to sing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  5. justme2

    I’m glad I’m on the West Coast and would thus not be tempted…I don’t trust my own judgment sometimes.

  6. Jackie Prentice

    Karaoke is a lot of fun so don’t knock it until you have tried it! And us Karaoke fiends don’t mind an audience that is just there to listen; more song rotations for us!

  7. ilene

    Ok, I’ll go… but I WILL not sing. The entertainment value is midly high though ;-)

    Stoughton has a good bar, if only i could remember the name…

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