Touchdown, San Francisco

Greetings from San Francisco…the city that never pays less than $6.20 for a cup of coffee.

I am in bed. Still. Even though it’s about 2 PM Boston time. Blame the bed here at the Marriott.

When I’m home, I can’t convince myself to spend a thousand bucks on bed and bedding. When I’m in a nice hotel, lounging in a king-sized pillowtop with nice sheets, pillows, duvet, blankets — okay, there’s a lot of stuff on this bed that I don’t know the names of — I realize that I’m an ass.

(But by the time I get back home next week, the Marriott bed’s reality distortion field will have collapsed, and I’ll once again recognize that a man who falls asleep on the sofa as many nights as I do probably isn’t going to get a cheerful return on invesment with a purchase like that.)

For now…I’m prepared to lounge like either a caliph or a concubine on high-threadcount sheets. This is Bad. Macworld Expo (or any other really big show like it) is supremely tense because I feel like I should be getting things done every single second. Even when I’m not doing actual work, well, I’m in San Francisco! I should be going out there and revisiting favorite haunts and discovering new ones! Why am I grabbing a takeout sandwich across the street when I could be dining at the fabulous culinary hotspot known as In-N-Out Burger?


For all my laziness this morning, I did manage to have a full day. Was picked up from the airport by a pal, had a Mexican lunch that couldn’t be beat, copped a free ride to my hotel, realized to my delight that I wasn’t nearly as wrecked a I thought I’d be (after a 2 AM departure and no sleep except what I got on the plane), so made a quick trip back to Japantown for an assault on the Way Cool Stationery Store At The Mall, copped a quick nap and then met another pal for a dinner of tapas that coudn’t be beat, followed by a quick tour of the Castro.

And there was even a small bit of Business. I now have a piece of information that will put a big damned smile on the face of any Apple fan. Just a big, fist-pumping expression of glee.

No, I can’t tell you what it is.

Yes, I’m just a big no-fun jerk.

See, before I was told this thing, I agreed to go off the record. Then I was told that thing, and I immediately said that I took back what I said about going off the record because this was just too damned cool. But…a promise is indeed a promise. I wouldn’t even be saying this much if I hadn’t cleared it first.

Now what?

I suppose I ought to get out of bed and Do Stuff. I’ve gotten through the morning email — lots of “So, are we meeting, or what?” sort of stuff — so I’m technically free to go. I do need to hit the hardware store and an Officemax or something to supply up for the week.

Other than that…food folks and fun are the order of the day. Ideally this will involve only the spirit of the McDonalds’ ad campaign and not the venue or the food.

34 thoughts on “Touchdown, San Francisco

  1. Cap'n Clueless


    The ITunes store to go DRM-free … completely?

    The Tablet cometh (aka, the return of the Newton)?

    MobileMe free for all Mac users?

    A $500 Mac that doesn’t suck.

    A Limited Edition yellow iPod with the complete works of the Beatles?

    Steve to retire…. no, not STEVE, the other one…whatsisname… eh…Balmer?

    Something really cool involving the Mac Mini/AppleTv and Netflix?

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  3. Wayne Dixon

    I’m voting for the new iShoes. They come in Black and White only, they cost $399, and they are bluetooth enabled. with iPod shuffle built-in. Water resistant, and made of a unibody leather material. Maybe that’s just me.

  4. Joel Housman

    Ok Andy, you have me on the edge of my seat now for Macworld. Wish I could make your meetup in SF as I had a blast in Bethesda but alas, I have to be at my office bright and early tomorrow here in DC. Have fun at Macworld! My regards to Leo, Alex, Merlin & the gang!

  5. Joseph Weir

    Forget about the mystery announcement. I want to know the name of the Way Cool Staionary Store in Japantown.

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  7. Brandon

    Hmm Mr. Ihnatko… we have ways of making you talk…

    Would you be persuaded by a shrubbery? Or shall we just start saying “IT”?

    Ha just kidding… all I need to know is that you think its pretty darn cool… and that means I’ll probably think so as well.

  8. Jason

    Hey Andy, really looking forward to your coverage. I expect to see a complete well pondered analysis of the “thing” you can’t speak of as soon as Phil (and friends) mention it.

    Really enjoying fully loaded rev 2.

  9. Moeskido

    Sir, whatever the secret is, I’d rather hear about it from you in these vague terms than watch lesser lights feed the rumor mill with specific twaddle.

  10. bstafford

    The secret is probably not as great as my wildest dreams but I do remember Andy saying (on MBW) he would love a larger format iPhone type device…100% DRM free iTunes would be cool but a bit of a let down.

  11. John the Revelator

    My prediction: a tablet that you shove an iphone INTO. Uses the iphone CPU, but grants you a big screen, more battery, more storage, a couple of ports and a special software capabilities suited to the form factor.

    Think about it – it’s cheaper to build (no processor), forces you to buy an iphone, and has the advantage of not being yet another device you have to load up with software and content.

  12. John the Revelator

    OR (last prediction, promise)

    a netbook form-factor device that you shove your iphone INTO. the phone goes where the touchpad should be, and it becomes your multi-touch touchpad. Now you’ve got a full keyboard. oh yeah….

  13. Steve Moobs

    Hey, I have a hormonal imbalance, stop pretending to be me and posting what you think are funny comments.

    I’m off sick right now but I’ll be back at Apple real soon. My new name will be Susan Jobs.

    This is the big transition that Apple is going through right now and people will just have to learn to live with it.

    In other news, this supposedly major super awesome secret that is so awesomely amazingly pant-wettingly uberrific will likely turn out to be pretty underwhelming. It always does.

    More iMacs = yawn. New Mini = overdue. New Mac Pro = not out until later. Move along people, nothing to see here but FUD.

  14. Mau


    Your column regarding the Steve Jobs letter was simply amazing. Especially that last part:

    “Steve Jobs is not your Dad”

    I’m fanatic about Apple in a very normal way and I still felt the sting from that one. You just nailed it perfectly.
    Thanks for bringing the correct perspective on this issue. I’ve been a fan of your work for a while and I look forward to your coverage of Macworld

  15. DaveyJJ

    10″ MacBook Air. SSD only. 9400M graphics. 2 pounds. 8 hour battery life. $1099.

    Apple’s version of a net-book, done right. Whose gonna buy one with me?

  16. Steve G.

    One more thing…

    [Al Gore takes the stage]

    Thank you all for sticking with us this far into the keynote. After weeks of speculating, we can now reveal why Apple decided it was best if Steve let someone else do the talking this time.

    Introducing the iBed.

    Designed for people who lose sleep at the thought of going eight hours without using an Apple product.
    If you have seen my DVD, you will agree that I know a thing or two about putting people to sleep, and I guarantee that after a few weeks of downloading your dreams though iTunes, you will wonder why you ever asked Santa for that bag-o-hurt blue-ray player. Getting every American to stay in bed is also the most likely scenario in which the US will ever meet the Carbon Footprint goals set by the Kyoto commission.

    Reading and acknowledging the iBed end user license agreement every night will put you into a deep REM state which even members of the Securities and Exchange Commission will envy.

    “Title and intellectual property rights in and to any content displayed by or accessed through the Apple Software belongs to the respective content owner. Such content may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties, and may be subject to terms of use of the third party providing such content. …”


    P.S. Andy, if your inside information doesn’t fall roughly along these product lines, just go for the Bob-o-pedic.

  17. Helio

    i didnt see anything that put a big grin on my face. i was hoping for the iphone nano or atleast something exciting and new. i guess the most exciting thing was the garageband learn an instrument, or the macbook pro which looks pretty nifty but other then that it was pretty minor updates.

    so what was the secret news?

  18. Woody

    Is In N Out really as much of a delight as every other human being claims. The way I’ve heard it described it seems almost like a fabled mecca of eateries. “It is a fabled place that only appears once a man has survived the rockies. And there before him is a valley of culinary rapture.”

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