My Favorite Things of 2008

I have an annual tradition in the Sun-Times: I rip off a terrific idea from Oprah and do a column that’s all about my favorite things from 2008. It’s a neat premise. Throughout the year, I talk about hardware and software that’s interesting, or significant, or marks the arrival of an Important Change, or is sufficiently Awesome or Counter-Awesome as to provoke a thousand words of commentary.

In the Favorite Things column, you find out which of these products and services are so great that I continue to use them on a daily basis. It’s the easiest thing in the world to write. Typically, I just look around at all of the apps open on my desktop and scattered across my desk.

This year’s edition (greatly expanded for the online version) is up on the Sun-Times’ site, for your edification and contemplation.

I’m hoping that this “Favorite Things” tradition does for me what some of Carson’s bits did for Letterman. While the show is still ongoing, it’s a tip of the hat and an homage. But once Oprah goes off the air in a few years…well, slowwwwly but surely the huddled masses will forget where the idea originally came from and I’ll look like a damned genius.

Or, I’ll be sued into a light purple smear on the sidewalk by Oprah’s people.

Or, Oprah will invite me up to the house for pumpkin muffins and a hot cup of chat.

Hard to call at this point.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things of 2008

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  2. Tim

    I’m sure that was an interesting thing to read, but safari crashed twice attempting to open the Sun-Times page. iCab 4.2.5 didn’t do any better, probably my bad for still using a G4 mini.

  3. Jo E. Brenden

    Here is my favorite Mac text edit program. It is absolutely amazing. It’s WriteRoom from Hog Bay, that turns you Mac into a monocrome sort of textterminal. It really is distraction-free writing. I became a journalist in the early 90s, and some newspapers still had these text terminals with monocrome text. Text editing without any mumbo-jumbo!

    Check it out:

  4. Tim

    Prolem solved, opened the Sun-Times link in IE 5.2.2, it can’t run any of the browser killing javascript, so I was able to read a fine article.Scrivener sounds compelling, but TextEdit works well for the little writing I do, and I like to think of it as “mighty compared to Atariwriter +”, rather than “a 97 lb weakling compared to Word”. Also likeing a logitech M-BT96a corded mouse, cheap and effective. A great new year to you and yours, Tim.

  5. Jeff

    Links on Sun-Times only last for a month so it’s dead, do they have a double secret archive you can link too?

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