Amazon Advent Calendar, Day 01: “The Big Bang Theory Theme”

(Text link: Big Bang Theory Theme)

Happy Advent Sunday! And you’re all good Catholics, so of course you understood that the Amazon Advent Calendar wouldn’t begin until today.

But if we’re all good Catholics, then we must be wondering why I’m abusing this season to promote the enjoyment of pagan rhythms while steering filthy luchre into my Amazon Associates coffers. Point taken.

I shall make up for this disrespectful gesture by opening the Advent Calendar with a tribute to another good Catholic: Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître, the priest who first proposed the theory for the origins of the Universe that would later be called the Big Bang Theory.

He failed to accompany his Theory with a peppy theme song. So I guess they don’t teach you everything at seminary.

Yes, I am quite the nut for this show. It’s as if Chuck Lorre dropped my photo onto a CBS programming executive’s desk and announced “We’re going to make a show that THIS guy will absolutely love.”

The executive pulled the photo closer and examined it.

He was skeptical.

“Does THIS guy buy detergent, snow tires, and movie tickets?” he asked.

“Well, THIS guy finds it simpler to just buy more underwear than do laundry. He knows that Alexei Leonov was supposed to be the first Russian to walk on the moon, but has no idea that there’s more than one kind of tire. And he’s more likely to download a torrent than go to a movie theater,” Lorre replied. “But yes, he tends to spend lot of money on crap he doesn’t need. Crap which can indeed be advertised through the medium of television.”

There are plenty of sitcoms that I like a lot. But even “The Office” delivers more of a “smile and chuckle” sort of funny. Week after week, “The Big Bang Theory” leaves me barking.


I’ve said it before, but I haven’t found a better way to explain the show: “The Big Bang Theory” exists at the precise intersection between “laughing with me” and “laughing at me.”

I have to think that the first band that Chuck Lorre Productions approached for the theme song was They Might Be Giants. Wouldn’t they be the go-to band for a show about four ultrageeks who work at Caltech?

Instead, the theme is written and performed by Barenaked Ladies. It’s hard to imagine that TMBG or anybody else could have done any better. It’s snappy, it’s peppy, the science in the lyrics checks out, and as you step out into sub-freezing weather this winter you will react as I do. Unbidden, you will recall the line

The bipeds stood up straight, the dinosaurs all met their fate

They tried to leave but they were late and they all died

(They froze their asses off!)

And you’ll still be freezing. But at least you’ll be humming a snappy, peppy little tune.

This track is also available on The iTunes Store. But if you buy it there, I won’t receive a kickback from Amazon. I also have it on good authority that one random Antarctic penguin will spontaneously molt and die.

12 thoughts on “Amazon Advent Calendar, Day 01: “The Big Bang Theory Theme”

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  2. PJ

    We got BNL play this on the Ships and Dip cruise this year. Ed couldn’t remember anything after the end of the opening titles version so we missed out on the “we froze our asses off” line.

  3. Carrington Vanston

    Swell choice for the first tune, but I don’t see a link to the Amazon store with which I can buy it (and contribute to your PlayStation 3, *ahem*, I mean, peace on Earth). The iTunes Store link is there in the last paragraph winking at me with its come hither stare and sexy interface, but I hear it gets around a bit so I’m worried I’d catch DRM from it.

  4. Jonathan Johnson

    To help you succeed in your pioneering ways, I wanted to let you know that the Amazon box *does not* show up in Google Reader when reading via RSS. It might help to also make a plain text link, because initially the only link I saw was the iTunes link.

  5. Paolo

    A promise is a promise. I obliged, and bought the first song. Catchy, indeed. I was surprised to see that it is a Variable Rate MP3. I thought all songs on Amazon were encoded at 320 kbps. What gives?

  6. Jeff

    Yeah ok, so you caught me in all my ignorance of an outmoded worship system and it’s quaint little rituals. Now that I’m informed I can honestly say, the chocolates aren’t really that good. You’d think a big swanky religion like Catholicism could swing some Godiva, Giradellis or maybe something Belgian. May you be touched by His Noodley Appendage.

  7. Brandon

    Yeah! I LOVE Big Bang Theory too! It really does make me burst out with laughter. The jokes sometimes concern such nerd minutiae that I feel like I’ve been included on some inside joke… and while I’m busting a gut, the parents sitting on the couch are saying “why is that funny?”. At this point I pause the Tivo, explain the reference, they chuckle, and continue on with the episode. But they’re getting better… they get most Halo and Star Trek jokes now! Its become a nerd-sharing family experience, and we enjoy every minute of it.

    Now if only Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards were in bigger font! I always end up reading them online. Ha, its funny because those cards back in 1997 were basically like a little televised blog post. He was sorta ahead of his time…

  8. Marina Smith

    Not buying into any advent calendar that does not have chocolate behind the little doors (the GOOD stuff too, none of that el cheapo brand nonsense) but thanks for the kind thought.

    Andy – You might want to update the header on the CWoB site. I’ve heard rumours that the much anticipated, ‘iPhone: Fully Loaded’, 2nd ed, has been published. No need to pre-order, it’s here!

  9. Dennis Wurster

    I don’t know what the cut on Amazon tracks is, but it’s only about a nickel or so for iTunes. Head over here and sign up for a referral account, if you like.

    No use leaving money on the table, you know.

    Edit: According to this source, Amazon’s referral fee is far healthier.

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