Andy Ihnatko’s Musical Amazon Advent Calendar: Preamble

Last year’s iTunes Advent Calendar was enough fun that I’m doing it again in 2008.

The concept remains the same: I’m going to blog one song a day from today through Christmas, building up to my favorite Christmas song of all time. Not all of these tracks will be holiday-related. Actually, almost none of them. These are just Cool Songs That I Find Eminently Recommendable.

But there’s one obvious change this year: it’s the Amazon Advent Calendar. You’re free to sample or buy these tracks wherever you want, but all of my links will point to the Amazon MP3 Store.

Why? Simple: because since December of 2007, the Amazon MP3 Store has become a serious challenger to the iTunes Store, and I’ve obtained an Amazon Associates account.

I get a kickback from every track purchased through my links a good feeling from steering people to Amazon MP3. I certainly don’t think Apple’s on the wrong side of the war against digital rights management. I simply believe that I’m better than everybody else and if I want something offa Amazon, I shouldn’t have to pay for it Apple is restricted by the deals they had to strike with the music industry in order to launch the world’s first viable digital music store. Amazon was able to open their store as a 100% DRM-free, high-bitrate marketplace from day one, by entering the market after the aforementioned Industry realized that they’d created an uncontrollable monster.

The benefit for me you is obvious: I will be using these kickbacks to buy cool stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise buy for myself, seeing as I’m a freelance journalist in a collapsing print market and shouldn’t spend my money on fivolities because these tracks are all completely unlocked, you’ll have no problems moving them  between your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Chumby, or the novelty USB Christmas ornament you bought last year which is meant to play “Here Comes Santa Claus” when Rudolph’s nose is pressed, but which now can instead be used to Rickroll all of your relatives.

You really won’t notice any difference between adding tracks to your iTunes library via Amazon MP3 versus the iTunes Store apart from the vague nagging worry that maybe you’re somehow being exploited by a journalist whom you kind of trust. The first time you make a purchase, you’ll be invited to download a Windows or Mac helper app that will invisibly manage downloads of tracks and albums and make sure that they automagically appear in your music library.

If you don’t want the app, you can download the MP3s directly and take care of business without knucking under to The Man, and his evil hidden agenda of giving you free software that makes your life easier.

Boy, I hope I make enough from this to get a free Blu-Ray player. And some boss movies. Plus, there’s the higher bitrate. So it’s really a better deal for you guys. Or a Playstation 3…then I’ll have a Blu-Ray player and a game console!

No need to thank me. I’m always thinking about you, the readers. I couldn’t be more grateful to you for reading my little musings, and I cherish this covenant of trust that we’ve built between us over the almost 15 years that this blog has been in operation.

That ought to hold the goddamn bastards. This scam had BETTER work.

11 thoughts on “Andy Ihnatko’s Musical Amazon Advent Calendar: Preamble

  1. Paolo

    Hilarious. I knew about Amazon’s music store, but I had been lazy enough so far that I never tried it. This post pushed over the edge. Amazon, here I come! No need to thank me for the 3c you’ll make through my purchase.

  2. Glubbdrubb

    Alas, it seems not one is immune to the wiles of Andy’s great guile.
    It seems my fellow readers have been fooled by his cunning use of the strike-through. (html is a duplicitous language!)

    Do not be deceived my friends. All is not as it may seem. I can perceive a much deeper meaning even as he tries in vain to conceal his true motives.

    /insert point hear/

  3. AndrewJD

    When your feedreader doesn’t display strikethroughs, the humour is sometime lost. Curses!

    Also, it is quite imperative that one of your songs is Defying Gravity. Just saying.

  4. Miche Doherty

    Alas, Amazon MP3 is not available outside the USA, so those of us in Yurp who want to follow your recommendations will have to go elsewhere (e.g. iTunes), might have to suffer the encumbrance of DRM, and – more to the point – you won’t get your kickback. So it goes.

  5. Pete

    As Miche said, those of us who do not live in the USA (at last count, 95% of the world) still don’t have the Amazon MP3. Or Thanksgiving either.

  6. Jeff

    And so, what is the first song….? Well, because I not only cannot perceive your devious plot but also cannot pick out my own music.

  7. Miche Doherty

    Followup to my earlier comment: Amazon UK now offers MP3 downloads. I don’t expect you to go to the trouble of providing multiple links for each song, but if you post an affiliate link to the front page your UK readers can use that, search for any recommended tracks we want to buy, and throw a few of our rapidly-devaluing pence in your direction.

    In fact, if you provide such a link I will use it for every Amazon purchase during Advent and you could make £££££! * **

    *I.e. up to five pounds. Actual results may vary.
    ** Exclamation mark does not indicate a factorial.

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