Mr. 10,000

“In the grand scheme of things,” a self-effacing Oscar winner once said, “an Academy Award means very little.”

He had a point. Doing something that you’re truly proud of is its own reward. Beyond that, an acknowledgement from fellow professionals whom you respect is more valuable than the actual statuette itself.

Good points.

But if an Oscar means little, then reaching a landmark like 10,000 Followers on Twitter means less than I had hoped it might.

Still! Hey! 10,000 followers!

10,000 Twitter followers...hard proof!

And I’m proud to say that I got my 10K honestly. I have never Dane Cook’d my numbers by begging my audiences to Follow me. That’s 10,000 people who made their decisions spontaneously.

I am slightly less proud to say that I’ve been looking forward to reaching this (again, quite meaningless) mark for quite some time.

I think I was somewhere around the 6K level when I thought about how cool it’d be to win The Big Rollover. When I broke 9K early this summer, I started sort of wondering when I thought I’d hit it. ” I reckoned it’d happen shortly before Labor Day. My guess wasn’t far off.

The low point of my quest? Well, there was the day that Twitter got a hold of a bad clam or something and I suddenly lost 6,000 Followers in one evening. Also known as the day I realized that getting 10,000 Followers meant more to me than I thought.

(AKA the day I learned how to patch a sneaker-sized hole in a piece of office drywall.)

Those 6,000 Followers did come back a day later. Just like a housecat who scoots out through the door when you’re carrying in shopping. I’m just happy that they didn’t come back with 6,000 dead mice and birds in their mouths to drop at my feet. I bet Leo Laporte wishes he could attract my class of Follower.

A long time ago, I “gave something back” to the Twitter service by establishing, on behalf of, that the service will treat you to a diner order of strawberry pancakes every time you get another 1000 Followers. “They’re still setting up the infrastructure for this,” I assured my Followers. “Just keep your receipts.”

And indeed, the promise of free pancakes gave me yet another reason to look forward to a “rollover.” At the 3K, 4K, 5K, etc. mark I religiously went out for breakfast and dug deeply into the Cakes of Victory.

Mr. 8000

I have now declared that with every 10,000 Twitter Followers, the company will treat you to…

The New England Diner Triple Crown!

Yes, it’s a full day of dinering: Twitter will pay for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in three separate diners in three separate New England states. You may choose any three diners for your Triple Crown, though all dining and travel must be completed in one day. Remember, save those meal receipts, plus the paperwork for any gas or toll expenses.

I’m serious about the Triple Crown. In a couple of weeks, I am indeed going to do a one-day, three-state diner roadtrip. It’s been a tough month and I deserve a day of serious fun. Itinerary to be posted as soon as I decide on one (O’Rourke’s Diner in Middletown, Connecticut is the presumptive nominee for the Lunch stop).

Do join me for one of these meals if you happen to be nearby.

I’m also serious about Twitter paying for it. This is an astounding and generous offer and a brilliant piece of “viral” marketing. The folks behind Twitter are geniuses for coming up with it. I can’t wait to tell them that I’ve decided this has been their policy all along!

And if they try to chisel out of the sacred promise that they are not yet aware that they’ve made…well, just tune in to “Judge Judy” for the fireworks.

12 thoughts on “Mr. 10,000

  1. Luke

    If you need a great place in Maine, my parents run one. Closes at 1PM, but worth the drive I think. I won’t even post it, because that would be comment-allez-spam, but if you are in Maine and need food we can hook you up complimentarily-like.

  2. Steve

    Let me just say congratulation Mr. 10K! I always look foreword to your comforting, funny and sometimes way over my head tweets. I especially enjoy your tweets during live events such as Apple announcements( I hope you will be doing some heavy tweeting on tuesday) Touching on the point you made about your loyal followers, I think Leo does not deserve his 50K + plus followers now that he has essentially abandoned twitter for! He needs to spread some love and give up some followers.

  3. Mary Anne

    technoquibble here. The last two days I’m missing the bottom third of the banner in Safari, but not (I just found) in Camino.

    Listening/watching your technical revival of the blog reassures me that I really don’t want to deal with designing my own blog site. (No, I don’t want to make the effort to write one, either.)

    I keep meaning to try Twitter. One of these days, when I get through the RSS feeds, the (non RSS) blogroll, the mailing lists, the usenet groups…and still have time to spare.

  4. Joe P

    Hey Andy,

    You should go to the Rosebud Diner, in Davis Square, Somerville MA. The servers there are worth it alone, but they also do a very agreeable corned beef hash.

  5. Sam

    Hi Andy,

    If I can make a recommendation for dinner in MA, I would say Ken’s Steak House in Framingham. Some of the best steak in the area and an excellent bar too.

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    @Sam – Ken’s is a beloved New England tradition! But not a diner. My (quite reasonable) definition: “A restaurant that offers counter seating and includes the word ‘diner’ in its name.”

  7. Ben Timmons


    Let me know how O’Rourke’s turns out. I remember it fondly but then t went downhill and closed in the 90’s. I was born a couple of blocks away. I still think Boston has some of the best places!

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