The Morning After

Hmm. The site was a bit slow in loading this morning. I hope we’re not seeing the head-reading of ugly thing, best left beh…

(hang on…let me get a bowl of Rice Krispies and a Coke.)

There. That’s better. I always write better after some breakfast.

Hmm. The site was a bit slow in loading this morniing. This fills my day with the salt-encrusted sweatstain of uncertainty. You’ll recall that the whole (bloody) point of moving to a new server was so I could put an end to that sort of thing.

I suppose if I pretend I didn’t see that, then it won’t affect my plans to get the hell out of the house in the next twenty minutes and enjoy my Saturday.

So! Wow! The new server has never seemed slow to me! Not even once!

What a relief! Off I go.

8 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. vectr

    6:46 Saturday evening here in the UK, and I’m enjoying the second post to your brand-spanking new chrome encrusted blog with a scotch and coke.

    Cheers Mr Ihnatko! Enjoy the vestiges of our sunrise.

  2. zacksback

    On the plus side the site is now loading faster than before your major surgery though I believe you will want it to be a little snapper than it has been today. The shine needs to be rubbed off the ball.

  3. Adrian

    I’ve thrown dedicated servers with jigabytes of ram at wordpress and its never seemed super quick to me.

    caching is the only option to make it feel super snappy I feel.

  4. Michael

    (hang on…let me get a bowl of Rice Krispies and a Coke.)

    Please tell me the Coke is not consumed over Rice Krispies. Carbonated Snap Crackle, and Pop is surely against some international convention.

  5. zacksback

    vectr – the spheroid reference is to the All-American, Totally Commercial, Any Player at Any Price game of Baseball. Recently recognized by the entire World Community as a Wholly Banned Olympic Sport. We’re so proud.

  6. Chicago Molly

    No problem with loading time here. When I saw the links on my trusty NetNewsWire screen I was, like you, happy, hopeful, and yet strangely anxious. In earlier times when I clicked the link I wasn’t sure which event would occur first; CWOB or the Heat Death of the Universe. But this time — POPPITY!!! — there was your benign visage floating across the screen in no time at all (or almost no time — I only have an 800MHz eMac).

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