New YouTube video: “Shooting the Moon”

A new YouTube video is up, sensation-seekers. This one is heavier on the Nerd note than the Tech note: it’s about my little adventure photographing the lunar eclipse. For an hour while the moon was going into eclipse, I had the Nikon on the tripod shooting still pix. After the cool blood-red full eclipse thing was over with, I swapped it for the video camera and shot about an hour of footage of the giant night-ball coming back to us.

I’m a fabulous humanitarian, so I’ve sped this up to about a minute for the YouTube video.

Yes, sensation-seekers, I have frozen my butt off for two nights, all for you. Do keep this in mind when inevitably I do a post in which I seek someone to co-sign a car loan for me, okay?

11 thoughts on “New YouTube video: “Shooting the Moon”

  1. Gregory Benne

    If I were younger I would have typed lol, and that only after the introduction. Love your blog. It is currently keeping me from writing that paper on a basic genetics lecture. Good Oscar coverage, too. Keep it up and thanks!

  2. Vance

    Hey Andy

    FYI: Video is Dead as of Feb. 25 1:07 PM EST. Did you annoy youtube or Pakistan?
    Very good Oscar quips!

  3. zacksback

    I hesitate in this but some primal hiccup forces me on.
    I appreciate and acknowledge the heroic efforts of our
    blog host in acquiring, at great personal sacrifice, startling
    images of his moon in its eerie eclipse. These generous thoughts
    are somewhat tempered by the unbidden image of His Frozen Butt
    forever seared on my frontal lobes

  4. arigold

    This is so strange, because just as Gregory Benne said, I too am writing a lecture on genetics.
    Actually, mine is more of a blog post… maybe classified as a rant …or a flame coloured with various falvours of ZeFrank style and inverted self-loathing. (The audience sighs a collective “Flame?!?” – Yes, children. Years ago we used to call irrelevant comments flames.)
    Oh yeah, excellent Blog. When I am not outside trying to reduce my rear via cold weather exposure, I am home reading things like your blog for a good time.

  5. Sean Elfstrom

    For this, and future videos, could you include a link so those of us browsing on iPhones can watch?


  6. Sandy Poppers

    Dear Andy,
    That was great fun. I loved your real life cold weather antics. Well at least you had a hat on. Next time I recommend a nice warm scarf and a heavier coat. Surely you have those things. The flashlight lighting was the best though. Keep on having fun.

  7. CM

    RED-5 standing by!
    Did you use iStopMotion for that fine piece of digital film?
    It’s amazing, the deep emotions that well up inside us, when we see billions of tiny photons bouncing off a dusty old rock deep in the sky….

  8. Ihnatko Post author

    @CM – iMovie ’06, actually…I used the “speed up” visual effects filter on it twice to get it compressed down to where I wanted it.

    I actually would have preferred to do a “real” time-lapse…but the Nikon doesn’t do that built-in, I don’t have the software that can control the shutter via USB, and besides, I’m not sure if I wanted to leave my MacBook out there for 90 minutes tripping the shutter.

    (Though you sort of gave me an idea…Nikon makes a digital shutter release that can do all kinds of cool things on its own…like time-lapse photography and automatic bracketing. Might be time for a new toy…)

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