Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 12

Helen Mirren…she ruined Queen Elizabeth for everybody. Proved to all of us that the Queen doesn’t have to look uptight and frumpy…put her in a different suit and hell, she could walk around looking like Helen Mirren!

But alas, it’s part of HRH’s job description to dress that way. If it’s any consolation to her, postal uniforms don’t do much for my mailman, either.

Presenting Best Actor. Has to be Daniel Day Lewis. I watched his performance with that sort of concerned frown that only happens when I’m actually a little bit scared for what’s happening up there on screen. It seemed as though the actor — not the character, the actor — was three millimeters from madness at all times. What complete commitment.

I’m not an actor, so it’s easy for me to imagine that the only way to become a character so utterly, without an ounce of reservation or safety.

DDL wins, of course. And gives a very eloquent speech.

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  1. Ihnatko Post author

    I keep telling myself that this theme is temporary until I build my own. Which is to say that it’s probably here to stay. :)

    Lots of stuff has been going on here but I’ll make it to the next taping by hook or by crook.

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