Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 12

Oy. Yes, by all means, Mr. Oscar producer…let’s have clips of every previous Best Director winner, in sequence. We were skeptical at the start of the show but now we love these clip packages.

Martin Scorsese presenting Best Director. I’m still thrilled that he finally won. The world made a bit more sense after that.

(Of course, many things happened subsequently to make the world make even less sense than before. But it was a nice couple of hours.)

And it goes to the Coen Brothers. Coulda gone to a couple of others but I’m glad it went to them. It’s a bit much to say “I want to stay healthy because outliving the Coen Brothers would mean getting to see every movie they ever make” but there’s more than a grain of truth in that.

Best Picture is now a lock for “Old Men.” And so it is.

A pretty good Oscars this year. Not a great one. But I think Jon Stewart demonstrated that he ought to be the go-to guy for the hosting job.

3 thoughts on “Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 12

  1. ShameyReed

    ok so there really out’a be a way to provide a broadcast stream where you could overlay your own community of live text comments right on the screen, or does that already exist? I would like it on the user end though. Any thoughts Pundito? Is their a hack for this on the ‘puter that I can’t do on the tv. I am torn between an iTV and the Mac Mini- I currently use an old G4. If I could get live texting over content I would lean to the Mini.

    Thanks for the commentary. I do believe that you are a sentimental big fella after all.

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