Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 8

Penelope Cruz presenting “Best Foreign Language Film.” The winner is, of course, “Persepolis.”

“The Counterfeiters” is a movie I so want to see.

But wow, is every movie in the category about the military?

No, not “12.”

Cool, “Counterfeiters” wins. I bet this means it’ll get wider distribution and I might be able to see it in an actual theater.

What a tough gig…having to give an Oscar acceptance speech and (I’m guessing) having to give it in something other than your first language.

(Sigh)…one more damned nomination for damned “Enchanted.”

I have to think that the reason why this one copped so many nominations was because it was such a big hit just when people started thinking about nominations. And while it wasn’t in the Academy’s demographic, it was definitely a movie that they’d be taking their kids and grandkids to see. The most musical movie nearest the end of the year…it was the perfect storm for a middlin’ movie to bum-rush the list of nominees.

Boring, instantly forgettable song. Surprising for Alan Mencken.

All the same, I bet it’ll be a popular song at wedding receptions for girls who wed in their teens.

John Travolta, wearing his “shorty” wig. Nobody told him that when hair is cut that short, you ought to be able to see scalp from certain angles. I’m 30% convinced that he just painted his noggin with caramel and dipped it in chocolate sprinkles.

Good, good: it didn’t go to “Enchanted.” Went to the songwriters for the song from “Once.” (A movie I hadn’t heard of before tonight, even!)

I love the “Best Song” category because it’s a real fairytale for so many of the winners. As kids, they might have known that they wanted to be musicians but they couldn’t possibly have had the slightest idea that they might have ever won an award as huge and prestigious as an Oscar.

One of the four people in the audience at your coffeehouse gig is an independent filmmaker who’s cutting together his little $180,000 film, and he asks if you could contribute a song. Literally, because there’s no budget. And then a year later you’re playing that song for 50,000,000 people on live worldwide TV, and a half hour after that you’re holding an Academy Award.

The acceptance speech is so sweet and genuine that I’m not going to comment on the gent’s wardrobe. Though I am forced to slap my hands away from the keyboard to keep this promise.