Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 6

See, people? Even the big nerd presenter is wearing a proper tux. You’re saying you don’t have as much style as the big nerd from “Superbad”?

(Maybe you don’t.)

Bourne Ultimatum wins for Sound Editing. It’s the “smashy-crashy” film, so it had to be a front-runner.

Per Hallberg is apparently wearing a zipper instead of a necktie. Not a tuxedo. Sorry: the Oscar goes to the next runner-up.

Sound Mixing. Also a win for “Bourne.” One of the winners used the same stylist that Nick Nolte used for his DWI arrest photo. Nothing says “I know what the right answer is in most situations” like wearing an Aloha shirt to a formal event. It can also say “I am twelve years old and I worry that the kids at this new school will think I’m an uptight nerd.”

Rrgh. I should mention that this is something like the 21st nomination and non-win for Kevin O’Connell…who’s worked on some terrific movies. I wonder how this goes down for him. It has to suck to hear “And the Oscar goes to…not you!” twenty times but surely 20 nominations has to be a far more profound statement of your peers’ respect for your work than one single nomination and win.

Forrest Whittaker. Yet another kid actor from “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” who went on to have a seriously big career as a real actor.

Actress in a leading role. Hmm. It can’t really be Elizabeth, can it? Though it was a terrific performance, it wasn’t much of a movie.

Lots of “classic” nominations…you get nominated for playing a famous dead person who wears fabulous things, you got to like your chances.

I hope it’s Ellen Page. A singular performance. Not many actresses could have lived up to that dialogue.

Yeah, see? That award went to Piaf, not to the actress.

Okay, maybe it was 60/40.

“You rocked my life”? This is why you probably ought to write out your speech beforehand. (Yeah, like I’d do any better up there.)