Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 3

Am watching the Oscars with my sick Mom, by the way, keeping her company. Which is good, because I like my Mom, and I usually watch the show alone at home. But she has the TV up so loud that I’m wearing my silicone iPod earbuds…which knocks the volume down to normal.

Very nice tux on Mr. Stewart. I bet he had it made all custom-like.

The Rock as a presenter…cool! He represents the important “fun” side of Hollywood. And Dwayne always seems like a cool frood and a good guy.

Best Visual Effects. It’s between: one lame attempt to create a new ‘lord Of The Rings” legacy, the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and a sucky movie based on a sucky 80’s cartoon.

“Golden Compass.” I shouldn’t be so snarky about the effects. But honestly, I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of federal grant money available to stories about pre-teen kids discovering both a sense of self-empowerment and a fantastical wonderland that lies just outside their (et cetera). They all sort of blur together, don’t they?

Great tux, great tux, great tux…fourth guy went a little bit freestyle but at least he didn’t embarrass himself.

Kate Blanchett. Geez, have we seen an acting award yet? Usually they start right off with the Best Supportings, just to start things with a bang.

Art Direction. One of my favorite categories. The greatest achievements are the most mundane. You think about a cluttered 1930’s office and realize that every coffee cup, every crumpled piece of paper, every paper clip had to be considered, debated, obtained, and then placed in the scene.

Can’t argue with a “Sweeney Todd” win. When you get hired to art-direct a Tim Burton picture, you need to clear out an Oscar-sized bit of space on your shelf. Just in case. You’re not guaranteed a win, but it looks good. And if you lose, it’s the right amount of space to keep a bottle of booze.

I’m projecting my thoughts to the Oscar producers and directors, in the vain hope that they’ll penetrate: I. DON’T. CARE. ABOUT. THESE. PREVIOUS. OSCAR. CLIPS!!!

They’re having one effect, though: they’re reminding me that we’re really devoid of real “movie stars” these days. You know…folks who make a real career out of being big, prominent actors doing incredible work year after year. It seems like these days, an actor puts in five years of starving, ten years of good work, five years of spindown, and then they’re content to spend the final 40 years of their lives with their millions of dollars and their kids.

(For God’s sake.)

Finally! An Acting category!

It has to be the “No Country For Old Men” guy…right? But gosh, without that haircut he almost looks like Robert Downey Junior!

Hal Holbrook: probably the last chance to give him an Oscar…and thus in there with a huge chance.

Yup, Javier Bardem. Wearing not quite a tuxedo.

For the life of me, I don’t understand what convinces someone to attend the Oscars unshaven. particularly when you know you’re favored to win.

Still, a very sweet win.

Mom looks over and notes how nice Javier was to his Mom. Am worrying that I now need to win a Pulitzer and dedicate it to her, just so that I don’t lose face.

3 thoughts on “Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 3

  1. Fuzzy

    > They all sort of blur together, don’t they?

    I think it’s a failing of the movie adaptations. I just saw the movie “Seeker – the Dark is Rising” based on the *excellent* books by Susan Cooper. The movie managed to strip away all of the complexities of the source material, including *all* of the Arthurian mythology, which is pretty much the point of Cooper’s books, to leave, as you note, a sort of same-as-everything-else “you are special, collect these game tokens, defeat the final boss” video game plot.

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