Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 1

Hmm. I started doing this on my Tumblr blog but I’m forced to do it through a tiny Dashboard widget and I ain’t feeling it. So instead, I’m going to post at each commercial break.

First award, presented by Jennifer Garner. Pretty in Black.

And it’s the first Oscar presenter dialogue of the night. Hey, thank god the writers came back to write this stuff.

Costume design. Will it be the freako-trippy Beatles costumes, or some of the historical movies? Doesn’t look good for Beatles.

And it goes to “the Elizabethan England” movie.

Alexandra Byrne. It’s not a bad dress she’s wearing but the fit seems odd. I wonder how these costume designers go about selecting clothes for their own Oscar appearances? Do they use it as a calling card, or do they exploit it to finally get to step out in a $30,000 borrowed frock.

Hmm. Recycling an Oscars commercial from last year? How gauche of the Diet Coke people.

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