From the “Your Job Sucks” department…

Meet Keith Short, a man whose job is way, way cooler than yours or mine in every conceivable way.

Keith is a sculptor. True, he has never earned the sort of credibility that can only be attained by sawing an elephant in half and dropping it in a tank full of formaldehyde and “lost” Ohio presidential ballots. But still, the man’s done OK for himself.

Palpatine Throne

Emperor Palpatine’s throne in “Return Of The Jedi”? He sculpted that. The Lost Ark? That, too. Oh, and the Batmobile. And when Westminster Abbey needed to replace a whole bunch of broken bits, they called Keith.

Other stuff, too.

Just something for you to think about on a dreary Thursday. You know, when you’re sweating to complete a report that needs to be on someone’s desk in twenty minutes and you’re starting to wonder if, a hundred years from now, anybody will really care how much toner the fourth-floor pool printers at your company’s Manchester office consumed during the last week of January 2008.

4 thoughts on “From the “Your Job Sucks” department…

  1. Big Joe

    Good heavens! I must be a bigger geek than I suspected. I recognized Palpatineā€™s throne right away! Eeeek!

  2. Paul M

    Wow. I feel…. smaller. Insignificant. Tiny. A mere dot on the face of the earth. A tiny particle in the vastness of space. /me sighs. Thanks Andy.

  3. Paul M

    oh and as a follow up, those are most of my favorite movies he has contributed to with his craft. Amazing work.

  4. whit

    (for the record)
    Final count 2004 Percentage Bush50.7% Kerry48.3%
    margin of victory in Ohio, Bush, 2.11%
    Looks about the same
    How about Wisconsin, Kerry, 0.38%

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