Be careful when ordering those dirt-cheap memory cards…

Last week, I pointed out that the Amazon prices on 8-gig SDHC memory cards had dropped by more than 50% all of a sudden. The good news is that my Transcend 8-gig cards arrived and they’re exactly as advertised: factory-fresh Class 6 (highest speed possible) cards that work great in all of my gear. So by all means, jump on in if you need some more memory.

The bad news is that you need to be a bit careful how you buy ’em. Look at the buying options there on the right side of the product listing:

Amazon ordering page for memory card

Apparently, Amazon is still sitting on a pile of stock that they acquired back when these cards were still wholesaling at the old price. So if you buy the cards from Cameta or Thememstore, you’ll be charged the $30 price and the merch will be shipped from those Amazon Marketplace partners. But if you somehow order it from Amazon, then you’ll be buying some of Amazon’s own inventory and you’ll be charged the $76 price.

One of the Celestial Waste of Bandwidth’s faithful readers used the “One-Click Ordering” option and it looks as though that caused the order to default to Amazon. If so, that seems like a terribly raw deal.

As it is, Amazon’s “Add to Shopping Cart” button automatically chooses the lowest price from all available sources (note that you can now buy that same card for two bucks less than I paid). If One-Click doesn’t extend that same courtesy…well, here in New England we’d call that a “bug.”

4 thoughts on “Be careful when ordering those dirt-cheap memory cards…

  1. Chris

    Amazon must have gotten the message. As of 02/06 their price has dropped to $43.08. Thanks for the heads up, I’m off to grab one myself!

  2. Chris

    You might want to pass on to your faithful reader that Amazon does have a 30 day price guarantee so if they bought this in the last 30 days they can get a refund for the difference. Just contact the fine folks at Amazon!

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